How and Where to Promote Your Irish Website

If you are one of the thousands of forward-thinking entrepreneurs with a .ie domain, it’s time to shout about your business. Research shows that marketing your company helps on many levels – from strengthening your business position, to acquiring new clients. Although marketing is a real asset to any company, it can often be hard to know where to start. But just having an .ie domain is half the battle, since there are only 273,156 registered Irish domains (latest statistics available from 2019), giving you greater exclusivity and recall over competitors.

Once you have registered a domain and your website is up and running, the next challenge is promoting it. You may think that some token SEO will help drive traffic, but a more holistic approach is needed. Promoting your website is important for driving traffic, generating business and creating awareness. The good news is that there are plenty of tools at your disposal to achieve this,. Here are a few:

Printed Materials

Think of your website as your calling card. As such, its worth getting your website domain etched onto any suitable printed material that has a customer interaction. For instance; business cards, brochures, merchandise such as bags, t-shirts and corporate gifts. You can (and should) even include it on the back of company Christmas cards, compliment slips and plastic bags. The greater awareness of your .ie domain, the wider it will be used.

Email and Correspondence

If you have gone to the trouble of registering a domain name in Ireland, use this to your advantage. Mention it in your company newsletter and explain why having an Irish domain is exclusive and beneficial to your customers. Include a link through to your URL as part of your email signature, and any other correspondence with potential clients too.


If you have marketing budget and keen to promote your services online, there are plenty of paid-for opportunities to get your .ie domain noticed.

From Pay-per-click (PPC) to online advertising, as well as promoted posts on social platforms like Facebook. Online promotion can accommodate any budget or objective. But take note, this can be a bit hit and miss if you’re inexperienced, and using an online marketing agency may be a more successful approach.


If your website includes WordPress hosting, or a blogging option of any kind, you should be using this tool. Be sure to conduct keyword research in advance (Google Adwords is a helpful go-to) to drive traffic.

Aim for a new post of at least 500 words once a week, and you’ll soon start to see some traction. Furthermore, the content you have created provides an opportunity to promote your website directly on your social platforms too.

Hand-in-hand with this is guest blogging. Find other domains in your industry that you can offer guest posts on, and be sure to include your website for further information. Not only will this position you as an expert in your field, but it will start to grow your online presence too.

Social Media Platforms

As briefly touched on, one of the best ways to promote your .ie domain, is through your existing channels.

You should be registered and present (and active) on as many of these as possible. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest are just a few.

Use content on your website, from blogs to competitions and new products, and promote these links on your social sites. In doing so, you can help build customer loyalty and even enhance your financial offering.

Online Directories

As a final thought, online directories are often free and easy to register with. Get your website domain out there by ensuring you are listed with Yelp, Golden Pages, Trade Finder and Your Local, to name just a few. Its also worth registering with any publications or websites specific to your trade as well. is a trusted provider of .ie domain names, helping you to grow your business today.

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