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Why Choose a VPS?

Six reasons that will make you help to understand why you should get a VPS


  • Insulated accounts, with no access from other users
  • Minimized unauthorized hacker access risk
  • Minimized DDOS attack risk
  • Optional backup solutions both on and off site


  • Regulated resources with guaranteed minimum levels
  • Guaranteed bandwidth availability
  • RAID 10 Storage with SSD options
  • Dell Server Cluster and Storage systems

Protected Mail Service

  • Own private mail server
  • Eliminate mail account blacklisting risk
  • Optional inbound and outbound mail filtering for ultimate security

Customer Installed Applications

  • Own segregated partition
  • Full administrator access
  • Install any compatible software
  • Complete control over software versions for best compatibility


  • Custom firewall configurations
  • IPTables port manipulation feature
  • Advanced, sophisticated firewall options


  • Manage your hosting environment
  • Easy backup and restore
  • Easy upgrade
  • Minimal downtime (reboot) to activate resource changes