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Brand protection

Your business name is one of your most important assets. You can protect it by registering your domain name in more than one extension. Having multiple extensions strengthens your online identity and protects you from competitors or cyber criminals who may take advantage. For example, if a competitor buys a domain name similar to yours, your customers could mistype it and end up on your competitors site – not the outcome you want! Once you cover all your bases, make sure to retain all your domain names and build your online presence and portfolio.

Tell the world what you do

Does your website name describe what you do? If not – it can! There are 100’s of new gtlds to choose from including .photography, .guru, .club, .media, .plumbing, .coffee – the list is endless. So even if you already have your main domain name, you could register a more descriptive domain extension. It could be used as a subdomain or a landing page for a marketing campaign, or you could simply redirect it to your main site.

Target specific locations

Is your target market local or worldwide? Either way, it’s a good idea to register domains in any areas you may want to do business in future. These TLDs are often country specific, for example .ie for Ireland, for the United Kingdom, .it for Italy or .com for a more worldwide reach. You can also target by city like .london, .nyc or .berlin. Some geographical TLDs have special registration requirements though which can restrict your options e.g. some require your business to be located in the specific country.

Sub-domains & redirects

If you have a number of extension brands related to your main brand, setting up separate websites that connect back to your main site can be a great way to manage your digital real estate. It can also give your brand a boost in search engine results. If you own a large number of domain names, you can also implement redirects on any you are not actively using. This means the user gets forwarded to your main website and you never miss out on potential visitors.

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