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Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting plans are perfect for small to medium sized websites, blogs and e-commerce.

  • Local Support Team

  • Easy to Use

  • Free Web Apps

  • Email on your Phone/PC/Tablet

The starter plan looks like the right choice for you!


€ 8.95 per month

€ 80.95 per annum
Storage 15 GB
Emails Unlimited
Tech Support Full
Irish Servers Yes
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The starter plan looks like the right choice for you!


€ 10.95 per month

€ 131.95 per annum
Storage 15 GB
Emails Unlimited
Tech Support Full
Irish Servers Yes
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The starter plan looks like the right choice for you!


€ 16.95 per month

€ 203.95 per annum
Storage 30 GB
Emails Unlimited
Tech Support Priority
Irish Servers Yes
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The starter plan looks like the right choice for you!


€ 54.95 per month

€ 659.95 per annum
Storage 50 GB
Emails Unlimited
Tech Support Priority
Irish Servers Yes
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The Starter plan

The perfect plan for getting your website off the ground. Our starter plan gives you unlimited email addresses so you can begin using your domain before your website goes live. You’ll also receive full technical support, daily automatic backups and the most popular software at the click of a button. This plan is best suited to low traffic websites and those which don’t require above average resource limits.

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  • 15 GB Storage Space

  • MySQL Databases

  • Unlimited Email Adresses

  • 1 Click Installs / Software Upgrades

  • Create 35 Addon Domains

  • Full Daily Backups

  • Local Support when you need it

The WordPress plan

First impressions matter and our WordPress hosting plan is optimised for speed and security. Using advanced technology, we’ll ensure your site loads quickly, with plenty of resources for the most commonly used themes and plugins. Our background processes will continually scan and update outdated WordPress files, to keep your website online 24/7.

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  • Optimised for WordPress

  • Easy WordPress Installer

  • Unlimited Email Addresses

  • Automatic Daily Backups

  • WordPress Specific Security

  • Increased RAM and CPU

The Business plan

If you rely on your website and emails for work, our business plan provides the ideal solution. With SSD based technology for a fast-performing website and a service level agreement on uptime, this plan is the go-to when support, performance and reliability are key.

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  • 30 GB Storage Space

  • Unlimited Email Addresses

  • Automatic Daily Backups

  • SAS Drive Hosting for Performance

  • Priority Technical Support

The Enterprise plan

If you require more resources than normal but are not ready to graduate to your own server, the enterprise plan ticks all the boxes. Enhanced disk capacity, service level agreement and best practice security gives you the tools needed to push your business forward and focus on what matters.

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  • 50 GB Storage Space

  • Unlimited Email Addresses

  • Priority Support

  • Increased RAM/CPU Resources

  • Automatic Daily Backups

  • High Traffic Compatible

Compare plans in detail
Resource Starter WordPress Business Enterprise
Disk Space 15GB 15GB 30GB 50GB
BandWidth 200GB 200GB 500GB 500GB
Addon Domains 35 2 3 5
PHP allocated RAM 64 MB 512MB 256 MB 512 MB
Overall Account  RAM 1GB 1.5GB 2GB 3GB
Web Server Apache LiteSpeed Apache LiteSpeed
Emails Per Hour outbound 125 250 1000 2000
Security Standard (CloudLinux/CageFS) Standard + (CloudLinux/CageFS) WP Specific Standard (CloudLinux/CageFS) Standard (CloudLinux/CageFS)
Backups Daily Daily Daily Daily
vHost Limit 50 75 100 150

Why Host Your Site With LetsHost?

Free SMS

We’ll send you a free SMS for upcoming renewals and important notices

DNS Management

Manage your domains through one single control panel

Technical Support

Contact us around the clock by email or by phone during office hours.

Domain Management

Join the thousands of Irish customers who already quickly and easily manage their domains with us.

Lowest Prices

We work hard to keep prices down and provide the best technology available.

15+ Years in Business

We have over 15 years industry experience. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.

WHOIS Privacy

Secure your identity and protect your privacy online.

Award Winning

Our expertise is widely recognised and we’ve won the IEDR’s achievement award.

More information

How Do I Host My Website?

So, you’ve secured your website domain name, now you need to host it. Website hosting is the space your website occupies on the internet, allowing it to be published for others to see. Your emails also reside on your hosting account.

LetsHost provides reliable website hosting for a seamless one-stop service. Whether you’re a start-up, a blogger or a large-scale enterprise, we offer a range of easy-to-use packages suited to your needs.

We’ll even send you a free reminder ahead of upcoming renewals and important notices, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Which Hosting Plan Is Right For Me?

We offer several options – start hosting all the way to high traffic hosting plans.

Shared hosting is an economical solution ideal for websites that don’t require large bandwidth or resource. This is a popular option for many customers, including; small websites, start up’s, blogs and companies requiring business grade hosting.

We offer a starter package from €4.25 a month, which includes 15gb of storage, unlimited emails and full tech support – all hosted on Irish servers. We also provide popular WordPress hosting, a business package and our premium ‘Enterprise’ offering too.

Custom Hosting

For customers looking for a tailor-made service we can provide custom hosting. Our team of experienced designers can produce a bespoke website hosting service to meet your specific business needs.

We work with individuals and businesses of all sizes – don’t hesitate to get in touch for a personal quote.

Email Hosting

You can set up a bespoke email address using your website domain. This professional touch is crucial in business. Unlimited emails are offered as part of our website hosting packages.

With email hosting you can create as many email address names as you require.

Emails can be accessed remotely, including your smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Linux Hosting

Our preferred hosting is Linux hosting, since it’s widely used, reliable and most economical for our customers.

As one of the most popular hosting services in the industry, Linux hosting is supported by the vast majority of web servers.

We use only the best when it comes to keeping our platforms secure. We run the most recent versions of PHP and MySQL on our Linux hosting plans. Please get in touch if you have a specific hosting requirement that we can help with.

Local Support At Your Fingertips

There’s nothing quite like a friendly local service! Even though we have a large presence, we understand the importance of a robust Irish hosting service that you can trust.

Our award-winning business has been established for ten years, listening to important customer feedback.

As a customer, you will have access to our friendly support service and lowest prices.

You can also take comfort knowing that our servers are located within Ireland too.


What is hosting and why do I need it?

Hosting is the space on the Internet where your website is located. When someone goes to your website, they connect to your web hosting account. Your emails also reside on your hosting account.

How easy is it to get support?

We understand that not everyone is very technical. Our support teams are available by phone during business hours and around the clock via email support ticket. Reach out to us and we'd be delighted to assist you with your query.

Where are your servers based?

LetsHost locate all their servers primarily within Ireland. We can cater for foreign hosting requirements but by default your website is hosted in Ireland meaning faster response times for Irish customers.

Can I migrate my hosting from another provider?

Yes - Get in touch with our support teams and we'll advise you on the process and costs involved with migrating from another provider.

What if I choose the wrong web hosting package?

Don't worry if you don't get it right first time! We can change your account to the most suitable package at your request.

What if I delete some of my files by mistake?

LetsHost maintain onsite and offsite backups, so if you lose an email or an important file, we will have it for you.

How do I put my website on the hosting account?

There are a range of tools to achieve this such as our easy-to-use filemanager and FTP. Speak to our support teams who would be happy to advise you on the best way forward.

What version of PHP/MySQL do you run?

LetsHost believe in keeping our platforms as secure as possible. As such we run the most recent versions of PHP and MySQL on our Linux hosting plans. Contact us if you have specific hosting requirements and we would be happy to assist.

We’ve got the plans to get you online at the right price