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Domain Transfer

Already have a domain? You can easily transfer it to LetsHost with just a few simple steps.

Why Transfer your domain to LetsHost?

Expert Support

Get the help you need, when you need it. Our local tech support team are available around the clock to resolve queries and provide advice.

Award winning

We’ve won numerous awards, including the coveted .IE Domain Registry Achievement Award.

Trusted by many

We value all our customers and have over 18 years’ industry experience

Low Domain Prices

The lowest domain prices around. We also offer tier discounts available to bulk buyers

More information on Domain Transfers

Can I Transfer My Domain To LetsHost?

We make it easy and straightforward to transfer your domain. We’re also one of the few companies that can legally carry out a .IE domain transfer.

All you require is a domain transfer key, which can be obtained from your existing provider. This is submitted when placing an order on the LetsHost website. It can take as little as an hour to transfer over, with the added benefit of your domain name being registered for another year.

Benefits of Transferring to LetsHost

LetsHost is an award-winning company with more than eighteen years’ experience in the industry. We are also one of the few companies that can legally register an IE domain name.

LetsHost customers benefit from friendly local support, and a wide choice of low domain prices featuring leading domain names. Customers find it reassuring that we use local Irish servers.

Domain Transfer Fees

Domain transfers generally cost the same as a new registration. We offer competitive prices, with domain names starting from €3.99. Once you place your transfer order, the price for that domain transfer will show before you proceed. Don’t forget, by transferring your domain to LetsHost, it gets renewed for another year

Domain Transfer Functionality

It can take as little as an hour to transfer your domain name over, and in some cases up to ten days. Once your domain has moved to LetsHost, you can avail of our fully functional domain control panel for DNS management and key domain functionality.

Domain Transfer Process

A domain transfer is straightforward with LetsHost. For “non .IE” domain transfers, see our KB which details each step involved.

To transfer to a .IE domain you will need to provide an authorisation code, available from your current provider and to place an order on our website.

Transfer your IE domain to LetsHost

We make it easy to transfer .IE domains to LetsHost.

All you require for your transfer is the authorisation code from your existing domain provider. Once you have this, all you need to do is place your domain transfer order online. Once paid and as long as the transfer code is valid, your transfer will be complete within the hour with an extra year added to the domain name’s expiry.

Domain Transfer FAQs

Can I transfer my domain to LetsHost?

Yes – each domain will have an EPP, Authcode or transfer key, which you will need to get from your previous provider before you can proceed to order from our website.

How long does the transfer process take?

Domain transfers can take anywhere from an hour to 10 days to complete. Please make sure you consider transferring your domain at least 1 month before it expires to avoid any delays and issues around renewal time.

My domain has expired – can I move it to LetsHost?

Generally we do not recommend this unless you are looking to transfer a .IE domain to LetsHost. If your domain has expired, the transfer process can hold this up further and the transfer can even fail resulting in extended downtime on your website or email addresses.

The domain I’m thinking of transferring is with LetsHost already but I want to change the billing contact – how do I do this?

Speak to our customer support team who will guide you through the process. This is not a domain transfer in the normal sense but rather an administrative change that we can take care of for you.

* When transferring the registration of your existing domain on-site for 1 year, the price of .ie will be €6.49 (ex VAT), the price of .com will be €7.49 (ex VAT), the price of will be €4.99 (ex VAT), the price of .biz will be €7.49 (ex VAT), the price of .net will be €7.49, the price of .org will be €7.49 and the price of .eu will be €4.99 (ex VAT). These offers are limited to a maximum of 10 domains per customer. All offers apply to the transfer of your domain to LetsHost, do not apply to renewals, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Digital Media Internet Services Ltd t/a LetsHost.