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VPS Servers

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Why host your VPS with LetsHost ?

Premium Hardware

We use Dell Servers with the latest technology to ensure high performance and availability.

100% Uptime

We proudly offer complete peace of mind with our 100% network uptime guarantee.

Expert Customer support

Our technical support teams are available around the clock and happy to help with your VPS queries.

Dublin Data Centre

Our Irish data centre offers the maximum security and optimum location for your VPS server.

Choose your VPS plan

Server CPU RAM Disk Space Bandwidth Price  
Sale VPS PLAN 1 1 1 GB RAM 20 GB 500 GB
Was  €25.49
€15.29 /mo
€183.59 per annum
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Sale VPS PLAN 2 2 2 GB RAM 35 GB 1 TB
Was  €45.99
€26.99 /mo
€328.88 per annum
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VPS PLAN 3 4 4 GB RAM 50 GB 1.5 TB
€71.99 /mo
€863.49 per annum
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VPS PLAN 4 4 6 GB RAM 75 GB 2 TB
€111.49 /mo
€1337.99 per annum
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VPS PLAN 5 6 8 GB RAM 85 GB 2.5 TB
€133.99 /mo
€1607.99 per annum
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VPS PLAN 6 6 10 GB RAM 95 GB 3 TB
€176.99 /mo
€2123.99 per annum
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VPS PLAN 7 8 12 GB RAM 105 GB 3.5 TB
€213.99 /mo
€2567.99 per annum
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VPS PLAN 8 8 14 GB RAM 120 GB 4 TB
€252.99 /mo
€3035.99 per annum
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VPS PLAN 9 12 16 GB RAM 160 GB 5 TB
€304.99 /mo
€3659.88 per annum
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Powerful VPS hosting

Technology & Performance

Our Dell platform provides Xen and KVM virtualisation services with maximum availability, high performance and low failure rates. With RAID 10 and SSD storage options, our reliable, lightning-fast servers can respond to even the highest demands.

Premium Hardware

Growing your VPS as demand dictates is a great way to keep costs low and in line with your budgets. Upgrading is easy and requires minimal downtime, simply add your extra resources and reboot to activate.

Intuitive Control Panel

It’s easy to manage your VPS with Virtualizor, a web based VPS control panel. Get all the tools and features you need to access realtime statistics, integrate WHMCS or Blesta, manage clusters, PowerDNS, domain forwarding or storage and a lot more. Virtualizor supports Xen PV, OpenVZ, Xen HVM, Linux KVM, LXC, Proxmax, XenServer and OpenVZ 7. You can also take control of installing compatible applications and software with full administrator access.

Top-notch Security

Your VPS acts as an insulated resource with no access from unauthorised users and your own private mail server which minimises the the risk from hackers or DDOS attacks. You can also customise sophisticated firewall configurations for more flexibility. For the ultimate protection, we offer a range of on-site and off-site backup solutions and inbound and outbound mail filtering, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Add-on Services

We offer a range of services to bolster your VPS plan and tailor it to your business needs. Whether you require additional storage or RAM, backups, proactive hardware monitoring or 24/7 systems management – we’ve got you covered. Explore our additional services or managed hosting options to find out more.

Choice of Operating System

Choose your preferred OS from a large selection of pre-made OS templates including CentOS, Ubuntu, cPanel, Windows, Debian, OpenSuse and many more.

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Top VPS Use Cases

Small Businesses

Choosing a virtual private server for your business or ecommerce site is an affordable way to instantly gain more control over your settings. You can host multiple domains, customise security and boost your site’s loading times which is great for SEO.

Training & Education

VPS servers are an ideal playground for anyone interested in learning about web development. There is ample space and opportunity to test, develop and deploy projects in a secure and isolated environment.

Test Environment

A test environment or sandbox is an independent and isolated resource designed to enable developers to test web apps or new services. It offers the private resources required for successful development without the high cost of a dedicated server or the risk.

Gaming VPS

Online gaming has a very specific set of hosting requirements. It needs an affordable and scalable server that can deliver high level performance in line with the game’s requirements. VPS servers are the perfect choice. Not only do they enable a lag-free gaming experience, but they also offer multi-user play and the freedom to run multiple game services, so you don’t ever have to choose just one!

Forex VPS

Financial trading and foreign exchange requires a stable and speedy connection with low latency. Users need to be able to keep up with market fluctuations in real time to retain a strong position. VPS servers offer the stability to meet these demands plus 100% network uptime guarantee and the highest levels of security. You can also trade from anywhere with a network connection.

Dependable Irish Support

Our local support team are available to help with any issues right around the clock. Simply get in touch by calling us on 01 6535032 or raise a ticket via your Client Area. You can also explore our extensive knowledge base to answer all your VPS related queries.


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VPS Server FAQs

What is a VPS and what can it be used for?

VPS is a virtual private server. It uses unique virtualisation technology to provide private resources for customers, on a server with multiple users. It is quick to set up and extremely cost-effective which makes it one of the most popular hosting choices.

A VPS can be used for hosting a variety of projects and software applications like ecommerce, CRM, portals and extranets and websites with heavy visual content. Read more about the reasons to choose a VPS.

Can I install my choice of operating system?

Yes – LetsHost have a range of pre-configured templates to choose from including CentOS, Ubuntu, cPanel, Windows and many more.

What technology are your VPS servers based on?

We use Xen based virtualization with a full featured control panel for day to day management of your VPS server.

What management tools do you offer for VPS management?

Your VPS control panel will include start/stop/reboot functionality as well as remote KVM and usage graphs. Most VPS users can manage 100% of common functions through our control panel but our Support team is available if you need any help.

Can I run Windows applications (such as accounting software) on it?

Yes. If you choose a Windows VPS server with the appropriate licensing types and sufficient resources you will be able to run a wide range of software applications on your server. Contact our team to discuss compatibility for your software.

Can I upgrade my VPS resources as needed?

Yes of course, we have plenty of resources to scale up to. We have predefined plans but some customers have virtual servers with up to 96GB of RAM and 48 CPUs. Simply get in touch and we’ll create a VPS plan suited to your requirements.

Do you offer management services if I need help?

Yes, we offer a range of managed services that you can add on to your existing plan. With our help, you can be assured your VPS server will be patched and running at optimal levels at all times. For more, explore our Managed Services.

Do you offer VPS backup?

We recommend customers maintain their own backups at all times but if you need additional backups, we offer backup services using Acronis and others. Find out more or get in touch for details.

Do you offer licensing services with a VPS?

LetsHost can provide licenses for cPanel, Plesk and Windows under SPLA. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

† The price of all indicated monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual VPS plans will be reduced by 40%. This offer is for the first billing period only, does not apply to renewals, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Digital Media Internet Services Ltd t/a LetsHost.