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SSL certificates from LetsHost

Build trust & Enhance Security with an SSL Certificate from LetsHost

  • Build Customer Trust

  • Increase Online Security

  • Bulk Discounts Available

Basic SSL

€139.99 per year
  • Same Day Install
  • Domain Validated
  • Covers WWW and non-WWW
  • 2048 bit Security
  • Installed by LetsHost Staff
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Wildcard SSL

€263.99 per year
  • Same Day Install
  • Domain Validated
  • Covers Unlimited Subdomains
  • 2048 bit security
  • Installed by LetsHost Staff
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Multi-Domain SSL

€263.99 per year
  • Same Day Install
  • Covers 3 Separate Domains
  • Optional Cover for Extra Domains
  • Ideal for Designers
  • Contact Sales for More Info
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€396.99 per year
  • 1-5 Days Install
  • Extended Validation
  • Gold Standard SSL Cert for Ecommerce Businesses
  • Provide a True ROI with Increased Consumer Confidence
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Why have an SSL security certificate?

24 Hour Support

Get the help you need, when you need it. Our local tech support team are available 24/7 to resolve queries and provide advice.

Enhance Search Engine Rankings

Rank higher in search engine results and increase your online visibility.

Build Customer trust

Encrypt sensitive data and ensure your customer’s personal information is protected against digital crime.

Protect against Phishing

Guard your website against spam, transfer details securely and remove the threat of identity theft.

Boost conversion rates

Increase sales and visitor numbers by offering a safe and secure platform.

Fast Install

With full support provided, you can quickly install a SSL Certificate in just a few simple steps.


Why do I need an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are required to encrypt & protect data which is exchanged between a website visitor and your hosting account/server. This is essential when taking customer data (credit cards or personal data) from your website visitors. Google is also beginning to mark websites without SSL as “Not Secure” which may lead to a bad first impression with a website visitor.

How much does an SSL cost?

We offer a variety of SSL certificates and our sales team would be happy to guide you on the one which you require.

Do I need to install/setup the SSL cert after purchase or how does this work?

If you purchase an SSL from LetsHost, our support teams will complete the install from start to finish. Typically you will enable SSL on your website which can be done from within an administrative area you might have. Speak to us or your web designer and we would be happy to point you in the correct direction (or do it for you!)

Will I get the green address bar with a cert?

LetsHost are happy to offer EV SSL certs. EV stands for “Extended Validation” which once complete, yields the infamous green bar with your company or business name within (browser-dependent). This is generally recognised as a real confidence booster with website visitors and often results in increased sales revenue.

An SSL cert from LetsHost ensures maximum Data Security and Integrity