WHOIS Protection

Give your website global domain privacy, and ensure your private information is kept out of public view, with our WHOIS Protection Package

€ 5.99 per year

Hey features

  • Instant Activation
  • Low Annual Cost
  • Protect your Personal Information Online

Protect Yourself

Your personal details will not be published on public websites

Domain WHOIS data can be found on many public websites. WHOIS protection obscures this information so your personal information cannot be seen.

Protect your Inbox

Stop Domain related SPAM filling up your Inbox

If your email address makes its way to the public WHOIS servers, you can expect to start to receive a lot more unsolicited email, some of which may contain viruses or malware.

Protect your Identity

Protect your identity and personal information

We’ll publicly replace your confidential information with our WHOIS privacy contact details, to eliminate any risk of identity theft.

Take control

Full ownership remains with you

You stay in charge of your registered domain, so you only receive legitimate contact from genuine website visitors.

Activate today

Keep your confidential information private by adding WHOIS Protection to a new or existing domain name today.

€ 5.99 per year