The Top 5 URLs To Choose For Your Business

There are many exciting decisions to make when you launch a new business. What to name your company, your palette of brand colours, and whether you will go for a .ie domain or otherwise.

With an increasing number of customers ‘living online’ it makes sense that websites are invested in. Once you have a name for your business, the next step is considering how to formalise this online through a suitable domain.

If you’re new to the world of websites and WordPress hosting, here’s five of the most popular URLs that you might want to consider when you go to buy a domain.

Go Dotcom

Dotcom (.com) websites are the most famous since they have been around the longest. However, that doesn’t necessary mean they are the best option for your business.

Using a verified domain company, first check domain name availability. It might be that your name is already taken, or there’s a premium to own it. This is quite a common problem with dotcoms, and you will need to weigh up the business benefits versus the investment.

On the upside, it is the go-to name that most customers initially think of.

The luck of the Irish

In recent years .ie domains have become very popular. Available only to companies and individuals that can prove a connection to Ireland, their exclusivity makes them highly desirable.

Unlike some other country domains, such as, ie domains do need some verification for authenticity. This means that they are more trusted by customers and come with a certain cache. Plus, they show origin and provenance, which can be beneficial to some types of businesses.

Another bonus is that they are more affordable than most other domains, and tend to have much greater availability too. You’re unlikely to find many reasons to be disappointed if you choose a domain name in Ireland.

Information highway

If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, or perhaps you’re looking for credibility for your business, a .info domain is worth considering.

They are typically reserved for information resources, like libraries and research centres, but they can be used commercially too.

However, some experts suggest that .info URLs rank lower with Google for SEO, so it’s worth doing due diligence if this is important to you.


While URLs are well established, they are best reserved for companies based in the U.K. Not only for Google ranking, but as a first port of call for your customers.

Keep in mind however, that your business domain is also your email formation. Therefore, if you’re not a British company a could be confusing for your customers.

It’s the biz

For those who want to be taken seriously as a business enterprise, there’s always the option of .biz. This domain tends to be a ‘second best’ to .com since it isn’t associated with any one country, but a global domain.

Although popular, they are not as costly as you’d think to buy and there tends to be greater availability. Keep in mind however, that .biz suggests that you’re a business, rather than a brand.

If you own a business and don’t have an ie domain name or web hosting, then visit for a selection of affordable solutions.

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