The Power of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for Web Hosting

For businesses that require top-flight web hosting without the prices typically associated with a dedicated server, a web hosting service utilising a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is typically an excellent and cost-effective option. By utilising a Letshost VPS, web hosting companies can offer their clients a greater level of flexibility than that available with traditional shared hosting, but without the cost of a dedicated box.

A VPS offers users the ability to individually manage their “server,” including rebooting, gaining root access, custom software installations and enhanced control. This hosting environment also offers added security because accounts are isolated, unlike with shared hosting. For companies with a large number of employees or users, e-mail is also a concern and a VPS offers the ability to run a fairly large number of e-mail accounts without being affected by users of other Virtual Private Servers running on the same physical computer.

The VPS hosting options offered by LetsHost include full root access, a static IP address, free installation of the Virtuozzo Power Panel, unlimited domains and DNS hosting and free support. Those who wish to run Plesk or Cpanel also have the option to do so, and backup for VPS hosting includes four daily snapshots of the entire VPS, meaning that any potential problems related to data loss will be mitigated by well-defined, daily backup points.