Why More People Are Applying For An IE Domain Name Than Ever Before

As anyone with an Irish passport will tell you, there’s many benefits in having an Irish heritage. This is also true of Irish businesses, most notably the ability to own a coveted IE domain.

Although the first .ie domain was registered in 1988, the trend for Irish based domains has been growing at a pace in recent years. This was recently confirmed in an industry report, showing that 51,040 new .ie domains were registered in 2018, an increase of over 30 per cent on the previous year.

On the Rise

So then, why are Irish businesses suddenly relinquishing the opportunity to own an .ie domains and what are the benefits?

Daragh MacLoughlin, CEO of letshost.ie, said: “There’s a few reasons for this increase. First of all, Irish businesses are seeing a real benefit in promoting their heritage, and the uniqueness that an ie domain can bring. Secondly, the IEDR recently changed the application process, making it easier than ever to apply for an Irish domain.”

The application process for .ie domains was amended in March 2018. Since then, applications only need to provide one piece of documentation to prove their personal identity and connection to the country. Although this means that the process makes it easier and faster to register, it still protects the authenticity of .ie domains. They remain available only to those that can show their Irish connections in documentation.

Report Findings

Some reports in the media suggest that this increase in demand is a reflection of consumer confidence in the local economy.

While others suggest that it may be the influence of Brexit. In no small part, this may be due to a sizeable (28 per cent) increase in the number of .ie domains registered by businesses in Britain, potentially looking to the country in this time of flux and change.

Interestingly, the key findings also showed that the vast majority of domain names in Ireland are registered by businesses and the self-employed.

IE with benefits

So, what are the actual benefits of having an Irish domain name?

ie domains are exclusive; not everyone can own one. This allows your business to have a point of difference in an ever-increasingly competitive market. In certain industries this is especially beneficial, allowing you to have a competitive edge.

For instance, food and drink brands can show their provenance to Ireland, this is an advantage when Irish foods (such as seafood, meat and dairy) are known for their high-standards and welfare. There’s something about the Irish stamp of approval that is very appealing and comforting to customers in the local market.

It also shows that you have authenticity as a genuine connection to Ireland. This can be viewed as a real asset, especially in the online industry where origin transparency is not easy to find.

Another benefit is that it can help with your online presence and search engine optimisation. With an Irish domain, your business will benefit in rankings when people search for local suppliers.

And finally, domain names in Ireland are consistently ranked among the top five safest throughout the world. In a report by industry leaders, McAfee Mapping, 27 million live domains were evaluated for web risk, with Irish domains ranking among the lowest risk globally.

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