LetsHost Launches new Content Delivery Network Service

As some of you may have noticed from our Facebook page, we have “soft launched” a new service – The LH-CDN, or LetsHost Content Delivery Network, service is now up and running.

What does this mean?

Basically, a CDN allows you to put copies of the static files from your website on to super fast, geographically dispersed “edge” servers which results in much faster response speeds of your website.

Now, here is the clever bit – The LH-CDN service can detect where abouts in the world you are, and serve the static files from the closest location geographically.  The CDN also does nothing else but serve your files.  It does not have to worry about decoding PHP scripts, or worry about sending and receiving emails, or run database queries, etc.  It simply serves the static files for your website from the nearest location to the person who needs them.


The diagram above depicts how users in different locations in the world can access local “Edge servers” to obtain the fixed parts of your website.  For example, in Australia, users connect to our cache server in Sydney or Brisbane to obtain the images and video for your website.  As the Australian server is much closer to the user, the web page loads significantly faster.

Even if you are not targeting your website at overseas visitors, using the LH-CDN will still significantly improve performance.  This is because the edge servers serve just the static images, video, etc.

The LetsHost CDN uses over 30 geographically dispersed “edge servers” located worldwide that cache the static content for your website.

Our “Edge Servers” are located in over 30 locations worldwide, including: Sydney & Brisbane, Australia Japan Singapore Florida, Texas, California and New York in the USA London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Moscow, Brazil ..and of course Ireland.

I am sure many of you are wondering how this could possibly work for your website.  If you have a web site that displays images, or uses JavaScript, or has lots of text, etc, such as a blog, an e-commerce website or a

We have already moved all of the images and JavaScript from the LetsHost web site on to the CDN (all images are now served from cdn.letshost.ie).  And within minutes of doing this, we have seen a 50% improvement in response speeds (0.6 seconds from over 1 second previously for our home page).  Not only is this great for your users, but search engines, such as Google are now saying that they rack websites based on performance as well as all the other factors (eg content quality, etc).

It is a well known fact that users will not stay on a slow website.  Improving your websites performance is one of the most important tasks to carry out once the initial content is put together.

If you want to improve your website visitors experience, as well as improve your search engine rankings, CDN is definitely a worthwhile option.

We have still to finalise pricing, but we do have some free trials to give away for a short time.   Please contact our Sales team (email sales@letshost.ie) if you would like a free trial.