.ie Domains Now as Cheap as .com – €9.99

The day has finally arrived where the price of ‘.com’ has been matched with ‘.ie’!

To purchase an Irish domain four years ago you could pay anything in excess of €49.99 per year, but those times have gone.

LetsHost has driven down the price of ‘.ie’ domains and has also led the way in constantly offering the lowest price ‘.ie’ domains in the country for the past 8 years. Our low cost transfer prices have also coincided with our low cost ‘.ie’ domain offering, €10.00 per transfer.

Thus after years of providing low cost ‘.ie’ domains they have now been financially matched with ‘.com’ domains for €9.99.

Renewal prices vary depending on the number of domains in your portfolio. Full details of all domain pricing can be found here – www.letshost.ie/domain/domains/

To get your own ‘.com’ and ‘.ie’ domain visit us here and reserve it now before someone else does!