How Do I Register A .IE Domain?

As of November 2020, .IE (formerly known as ‘The IEDR’) have launched a brand new system to process and manage .ie domain name registrations. With this new system, they have made the process of registering a .ie domain even easier.

Gone are the days of writing a letter to explain your connection and reason for wanting a domain, having to have a CRO number and faxing off documents. Now, to register your own .ie domain name, you simply need to show your connection to Ireland.

Depending on if you are registering the .ie domain name to yourself, to a business, to a charity, or even if you are a business outside Ireland, how you show this ‘connection to Ireland’ will vary slightly. But in short – It’s all very straight forward.

Click one of the following options applies to your case.

‘I want to register the domain …’:

  1. to myself as an individual
  2. for my business (and I have an RBN number)
  3. to my limited company (and I have a CRO number)
  4. for a group or association I am part of
  5. to my school or educational institute
  6. to my charity
  7. to my overseas business (not located on the island of Ireland)
  8. on behalf of someone else


If you are unsure which of the above best applies to you, or you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch and the team will be more than happy to help you.