The Growing Tech Scene in Sligo

Ireland has stood proudly as one of Europe’s leading tech destinations for some time now. With welcoming business incentives, talented teams and low tax rates, it has attracted international enterprises enjoying the benefits of what the country has to offer.

Locally, this has boosted Ireland’s status too, with many companies proudly displaying domain names in Ireland to show their provenance.

But we’re now starting to see a shift in influence. Where once the capital, Dublin stood proud as the tech headquarters for the country in Silicone Docks, this is starting to shift to Sligo.

Sliding to Sligo?

In recent months, we’ve seen sizeable investment from tech companies in the northern region of Sligo. This includes the launch of an AI innovation centre from software company LiveTiles, to the recent announcement that US firm has chosen Sligo as its European base, creating 100 jobs in the area.

Even the recent ‘Tech on the Wild Atlantic Way’ event was hosted in the area, attracting leaders in the industry to attend, firmly putting Sligo on the tech map.

Why the Shift?

There could be a number of reasons why Sligo is in vogue at the moment. Firstly, this is an industry always looking for the next big thing, and destinations are as prone to trends as much as the industry is. There’s also the small matter of costs, with labour and space offering competitive prices against the country’s capital.

But, it’s probably down to the growing confidence in the market. This has been already shown with the inward investment of some major companies in the area. It is already home to big brand names from GSK and Amcor to REED and Equinoxe.

Setting up in Sligo

Reinventing itself from rural hideaway to tech hub has taken time and investment. Positioning itself as a serious contender has meant attracting and building a skilled workforce, offering excellent support services and creating the right kind of infrastructure.

If you’re looking to set up in the area, there’s a few things you can do to propel your business, here’s five helpful tips:

  1. When it comes to domain name registration be sure to use a domain name in Ireland to show your local roots. Your website is often the first touchpoint a client will see, so it need to show off your skills
  2. Hire talented staff that will grow with your business, offering training and personal development to keep them up to date and incentivised
  3. Share your company news and be your own PR person! If you don’t already have website hosting, this is something to invest in for your own company blog – the perfect place to share your new business wins and business growth with prospective customers.
  4. Sligo is well connected to other parts of the country, be sure to demonstrate this to clients, as many will be unfamiliar with the area, and this can boost your reach.
  5. Don’t be afraid to hustle! If you’re a start-up, you have the benefit of being agile and able to move with the latest trends, without the pain of red tape holding you back. Think of your USP and use this to your advantage!

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