Five Free Online Resources For ‘Solopreneurs’

When it comes to trending buzzwords, they don’t get more relevant than ‘solopreneur’. Referring to person who sets up their own business, the term applies from the minute you decide to go solo, name your business and secure your website domain.

It is certainly no easy feat to launch a business, especially on your own. There’s numerous decisions to make, suppliers to manage and new aspects of the business to learn too. It can also be a stretch on your finances, at the most embryonic stage of your business.

Thankfully, with a growing remote workforce, a range of free online resources are today available. From sites that can help you determine your SEO keywords, to tools that will check domain names for you, here’s five of the best free tools to try out:


In the early stages of launching a business, you might be thinking about your brand and how it visually communicates to its audience. A well-considered colour scheme is integral to this, and should form part of your brand guidelines. Knowing where to start can be hard if you’re new to this, but Coolors makes it super easy by conjuring up complementary colour palettes that you can personally selected. Once chosen, details can be saved and exported with industry standard colour references for graphic designers and printers to use.


Whether it’s for your social media, website homepage or for WordPress hosting you’re going to need some strong images to bring your business to life. There’s many companies offering extensive library images, but most come with high fees and licensing limitations. Thankfully, Pixabay offers a selection of royalty-free images for your business needs at no cost. It’s easy to search and download pictures, although you will need to dig deep to find images that haven’t been over-used by other websites. Nonetheless, it provides high-quality visuals to use on your website domain and elsewhere.

Google AdWords

There’s so many reasons to set up with Google Adwords, and more that meets the eye. Sure, you’re going to need it when you start advertising online with PPC campaigns and so forth. However, it’s also a valuable tool in understanding the SEO keywords for your business. It allows you to search keywords that your community will be using, including variations and alternatives that you might not have thought of. There’s the option to filter by location, and search using domains too (handy with competitors). Although it can take a while to understand, it’s unmistakably one of the best free tools for solopreneurs on the market.

Yoast SEO

It’s the number one plugin for WordPress hosting, with good reason. Yoast enables you to optimise website content and attract more visitors and inward traffic. It does this by evaluating your chosen keywords and sentence structure to improve usability for an online audience. There’s also a premium version for those with larger budgets; but the free version is pretty extensive for a start-up.


Before you even register your business, the first thing to do is to check the availability of its name online. Namechk is a free tool that does all the hard work for you. It will check domain names, twitter handles, Youtube names, Facebook titles and so forth, to ensure you can ‘own’ a consistent brand name across all platforms. This is especially important in digital marketing, where it pays to have a joined-up approach, making it easier for followers to locate you.

If you’re a solopreneur and don’t have an ie domain name or web hosting, then visit for a selection of affordable solutions for your enterprise.

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