Fantastico Deluxe

All Letshost hosting customers have access to fantastico deluxe through their CPanel. Fantastico is an application for installing 3rd party scripts such as blogs, forums and content management systems. There are several reasons why we advise clients wishing to install a package that is listed in Fantastico to do it through Fantastico rather than by uploading the files directly.

These are:

  • Speed – Fantastico will install your application with the minimum of effort by creating all databases and removing any installation directories.
  • Security – Fantastico will assign all the correct permissions to your new application such that no security holes are left open.
  • Updates – As soon as stable releases of updated applications are released, Fantastico will issue an email to notify you of this. It will also allow you to upgrade using the Fantastico interface and without getting stuck into editing complex files which may be outside your field of expertise. Keeping your applications up to date means better performance, ongoing support from the application provider and increased security.

More information on Fantastico and the applications it can install can be found by logging into your Cpanel and accessing it directly from this location.

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