The most expensive domain names in the world

If you have a website domain for personal or professional use, you’ll be aware of the multitude of benefits it brings. From driving inward commercial traffic, to engaging with a target audience, to providing a platform to share personal thoughts.

It’s no surprise that behind every successful company there’s a website connecting its customers and followers. But while they are extremely valuable marketing tools, is there a price you can put on their value?

Most expensive domains

For some, money is no object. To buy a domain name is considered an important business investment, especially if it means the website will rank higher in searches, or is easier for customers to find. This is certainly the case for the owner of This is considered the most expensive domain name in the world, recently valued at an astonishing $872 million dollars.

It’s no surprise as ‘cars’ is a huge keyword to own. When you consider the amount of times one searches for cars to buy, hire and review before purchase, it’s easy to see how it could command such a colossal price tag.

The price of brevity

According to Wikipedia, the top ten most expensive domain names in the world, are as follows:


These are a perfect reflection of some of the most popular uses for the web; transport, travel and adult entertainment. They are also some of the most searched keywords, making the sites uncomplicated and easy to find, hence their higher value.

Of course, a domain name is much more than a link, it’s part of your business and brand. As such it commands an associated value. For instance, is valued at £97 million, since it’s a global brand.

Online costs

When you decide to buy a domain name, what is a reasonable price to pay?

Once you check a domain name for availability, the next step is to secure it. The cost to buy a domain name can vary from a few Euros to a few million. However, typically speaking expect to pay between €10-30 for a regular (new) website domain name.

One of the big pricing factors is the extension used. Dotcom is typically a higher cost in comparison to .ie domains for existing domains. This is because dotcom was one of the first domains available and much of its online real estate has been snapped up. In comparison, .ie domains which are more recent and are highly exclusive, have greater availability making them more affordable to buy.

The chosen name also plays a big part in price. Go for something short and in demand and you can expect to pay thousands for the privilege. This is the reason why many companies opt for longer names for their business, or prefix them with terms such as ‘the’ or ‘online’ to bring down costs.

Irish domain names

As a final thought, if you’re an Irish business looking to launch your website and want a punchy domain name within budget, consider a .ie domain.

Using the top 10 domain names for inspiration, a quick check showed all the following available for less than $5 on;,,, and

If you own a business and don’t have an ie domain name or WordPress hosting, then visit for a selection of affordable solutions.

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