Essential Keyword Tools to Boost Your Ranking

If one thing is true of today’s business savvy world, it’s that you don’t need an education in IT to be an online success.

With the rapid evolution of the digital world, today many of us are self-taught digital marketers. With accessible consumer technology making it easier than ever to buy domain and get set up, small businesses are able to seize control of how they operate online.

Those who are already familiar with WordPress hosting, will already know the many benefits in SEO (search engine optimised) keywords. This is the art of researching and using keywords that your audience are searching for online. By incorporating these into your website domain and blog, you increase the likelihood of being found by them. Using links in the right way, it can also help with your relevance and rankings too.

There is however an art to the science, which involves finding the right keywords in the first place. For beginners and pros alike, we’ve highlighted the best tools of the trade!

Google Ad Words

One of the most popular tools for keyword research is Google Ad Words. Free and simple to use, the keyword planner tool should be a go-to for learning more about your audience and directing them to your website domain.

With the option to search by website URL or keywords, it brings up a number of recommendations. If you were planning an online campaign, it includes a helpful ‘bid’ tool to reveal how much you can expect to pay for the keywords too. There’s also a handy average monthly search volume, to see how your keywords compare in the industry. Just keep in mind of course that it only shows Google data, and no other search engine traffic.

Overall, it’s great for those starting out, or wanting a quick overview of their SEO status.


If you really want to dig deeper into the analytics and your customer profile, then SEMrush is one of the market leaders. It’s a great way to steer your web hosting platform in the right direction to gain traction.

The free version provides you with limited access, so you’ll want to sign up to the full version for the best results. Since SEO is something you should constantly review, it makes sense to have a trusted tool you can return to.

As well as all the keyword research, it includes an SEO audit of your website and many other insights, showing you how to be more effective with your online content.


With keywords researched, the next step is ensuring they’re used the right way. Yoast is the toast of WordPress hosting, as anyone who uses it will tell you! This super-easy plug-in tool helps your online content to cut-through.

The free entry-style version is great for light users, who want to be guided in the right direction without being overloaded with information. It uses a ‘traffic light’ system to indicate the performance of your writing, making suggestions to gain more traction. Simply put – it’s a must-have in the world of SEO.

Google Business Link Generator

In this day and age, reviews are an important part of business, and the power of local has never been more significant. This has already seen with a rise in .ie domains and a return to local provenance.

Therefore, Google Business Link Generator is a useful weapon in your SEO. Simply register your company’s location as a handy way to attract local traffic. It’s SEO at its best! is the go-to destination for all your website hosting needs.

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