What Your Email Address Really Says About You

Hipster, technophobe, start-up and old-school; its amazing what an email address can reveal about you. If you’re looking to buy domain, or set up a new email address, its time to give due consideration to your personal brand.

Were all guilty of scrolling through a group email to find out more about those listed. After all, it can be telling about a persons background, status, employment and much more.

From hip and exclusive .ie domains to old-school Hotmail monikers, here’s our insiders guide on the good, bad and outdated, when it comes to electronic mail.

Keeping it Old School

Who would have thought, back in the late nineties, that Hotmail could one day be old-school! The famous Hotmail domain URL was one of the first commercial free email address to launch, way back in 1996. All the rage, you were no-one without one.

But over the years, Hotmail has become synonymous with spam and first-generation emails, and has lost its gravitas. The same goes for other similar free domains in this market, including Yahoo and AOL.

While they might be easy to set up, think if these offer a long-term solution. Typically, these original email address are best kept for personal use, or even as a backup for spam. Using them for work is a big no-no, since they don’t send out a professional message.

Modern Standard

This brings us nicely on to modern email providers – Gmail and iClould. These reliable emails tend to offer a more integrated approach, with helpful features for personal and business use.

Adopted by everyone, from bloggers with WordPress hosting to freelancers, they are in widespread use and have more kudos than some old-school versions. Better still, in some cases such as iCloud, you’re able to create several different variants of an email address for one inbox, allowing you to have several emails at your disposal.

Unique and Original

In a world where everyone is vying to be unique and original, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd, is to have a personalised email address. If you’re a small business, or freelancer this can give you a professional edge over competitors too.

From emails personalised to your name, to .ie domain name extensions and beyond, there are plenty of hosting options to explore.

Easy to use, and usually more budget-friendly than dotcom versions, you just need to buy a domain of the URL you require, and set up an email plan. This can provide one or several email addresses always useful in business.

Making more impact than a standard email, it shows off your credentials as a genuine business authority.

Hipster Cool

Short and snappy, that’s what the kids are all about today! Rather than long and lengthy email address like paul.simon@letshost.ie today its all about brief and intriguing domain names; think PS@letshost.ie or quirky variations such as hitmeup@letshost.ie which are memorable and add a touch of fun.

Best to Avoid

Its generally best to avoid using anything that is unprofessional or embarrassing. Even if its for personal use, chances are you’ll have to share it with a friend at some point, and you’ll likely regret it. For instance, drunkbev@xxx or sexyjames@xxx instantly conjure up the wrong impression from the get-go.

Set up your own personalised email address today with an ie domain name using LetsHost.ie and grow your business today.

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