Domain ID Protection – protect your personal information

A few months ago, LetsHost introduced a new service called “WHOIS Privacy”. This service can be added to any .com, .net or .org domain registration and protects the identity and personal information of the person who registered the domain (the registrant).

By default, domain registrations have the registrants name, address and telephone number made publicly available to anyone who searches for the domain. By using the LetsHost WHOIS Privacy feature, these details are protected. LetsHost takes the security and privacy of client information extremely seriously, and this service gives our customers an additional layer of protection and privacy.

You can add WHOIS Privacy to all your .com, .net or .org domains either at the registration stage at the order form, or to add to any existing domains, from inside the LetsHost customer portal at Domain privacy costs only €4.99 per year + vat.

Please click here to view our knowledgebase article detailing how to enable WHOIS Protection for your domain.