Desktop Data Backup Done Right – LetsHost Offering New Desktop Backup

Data backup is a standard for most web hosting environments, but what about the important files, and data located on your home and business computers? Desktop data backup is so frequently overlooked that data loss from personal and business computers is becoming more common each day. Desktop data loss does not, however, have to be a problem.

LetsHost will soon be rolling out a new service for customers in the form of full-fledged, secure desktop data backup. Rather than using traditional media like tape drives, compact discs, DVD-Rs and at-home external hard drives, the new service from LetsHost stores data automatically, securely and on a 24 hour per day basis. A simple Internet connection is all that is necessary to upload and access stored backups and data are compressed and encrypted prior to leaving your local computer.

The data backup system uses a standard client/server relationship that allows remote access via a password-protected account. Even better, there is no need to upload ALL of your data each time you wish to make a backup. Upload all of your data one time and each time you upload in the future only the files that have changed will be uploaded. Decreased upload times result in a more efficient transfer process and free up bandwidth for other online applications.

To make sure that data are properly secured and protected, LetsHost uses only Dell servers, Dell routers and engages a backup network that is built around the utmost level of performance and reliability. Multiple data center locations ensure redundancy and secure against natural disaster in a manner that a single location cannot. The result is a desktop data back service that is second to none, fully secure, easy to use and that offers the peace of mind that individuals and businesses have come to expect from LetsHost.