Boost your site’s reach with compelling online video

Online video is a great way to deliver engaging, informative and truly valuable content to your website visitors. And people love it.

In April 2010 nearly 180 million American internet users watched a staggering 30.3 billion online videos between them (comScore). Now those are some impressive numbers!

What’s really great about video is the fact that the barriers to entry are so low… all you need is a decent webcam, or better yet, a digital SLR or dedicated camcorder with HD video recording capabilities, and a bit of imagination.

Here are just some online video options that could work for your business:

  • Create a series of “How To” videos demonstrating ways customers can use your product.
  • Add some testimonial videos from satisfied customers.
  • Create a few short videos to share (and demonstrate) your expertise on your specialist topic.
  • Create screen-casts demonstrating how to do something online (a great one if you’re camera shy).
  • Showcase videos of your product in action in the real world.
  • … or just get creative and entertain your viewers.

Internet Entrepreneur, Loic Lemeur, founder of Seesmic picks the brains of Tim Ferris (author of The 4-Hour Work Week) on how to manage e-mail.

Video is so powerful because it can compresses a lot of information into a relatively short space of time, in a format that’s familiar and easy for the viewer to digest. It’s also incredibly easy to share – and people do, all the time, through social media, blogs, e-mail, mobile….

Getting your video seen

LetsHost hosting accounts give you plenty of space and bandwidth to host your own video files, but for maximum exposure it makes sense to upload your finished masterpieces to one of the leading video sharing sites (YouTube is by far the biggest, others include Vimeo and Yahoo! Video – or upload them ), or use a video distribution service like TubeMogul to upload to multiple sites and destinations.

Once your video is online you can embed it into a blog post or page content on your website for your visitors to enjoy and share.

Online video is huge, it’s still growing fast, and it can be a great way to introduce your products and services to a vast online market.

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