4 Reasons to Choose a .ie Domain Name

Four reasons to choose a .ie domain name today

When launching a new business, or setting up your website, one of the first areas for consideration is your URL, also known as domain name.

This is your calling card to customers, it will feature on documents and business cards and be the ‘go-to’ place for further information. But more than simply a website address, it’s part of your brand portfolio and should play an integral role in your marketing mix.

Here are four good reasons to consider a .ie domain rather than .com or other options.

  • Local loves local!

There’s something undeniably reassuring about using a local supplier, and having an Irish domain shows an instant connection with Ireland. This may be particularly beneficial when offering local produce or personal services, where an Irish origin is valuable.

  • Greater choice

It is suggested that as many as half of the domain names on the market are .com. This means that there is a chance your preferred domain name might already be taken, or may cost more due to the demand. This is less of an issue with a .ie domain name (of which approx. 220,000 names are currently registered), since you must be able to prove your links to Ireland in order to register one. Plus, when using LetsHost, we offer great value on our local domain names.

  • Higher ranking

Since Google priorities .ie domain names for local searches, choosing a .ie domain may help boost your Google ranking and chances of being found by customers. For further detail on these analytics, visit Google Analytics to help track traffic in more detail.

  • Safety

In the growing climate of cybercrime, it’s important to consider all the ways you can secure your online presence. One of the most significant is the domain name you choose. Therefore, it’s good to know that Irish registered domain names are the safest internet address in Europe and the second safest in the world! If you were in any doubt about using a .com domain, this is the most heavily trafficked non-country domain. This is reassuring both for your business and your customers.

If you’re looking to register your business with an IE domain name, or to transfer an existing name over, LetsHost.ie is one of the few companies that can provide official .ie names for registration. With more than ten years’ experience in the industry, our unrivalled and award-winning service puts customers at the heart, with friendly local 24-hour support.