How To Write A Great Brand Story For Your Website

When it comes to driving traffic to your website domain, striving for a ‘sticky’ website is key. This means, creating a user experience that brings customers in and keeps them there.

Great images, strong videos and enticing copy all play their part, along with a considered SEO strategy.

Not to be overlooked, is the small matter of your brand story.

What is a brand story?

Customers today are bombarded with advertising messages at a rate of a whopping 6,000 to 10,000 adverts a day. This means that brands have to work harder to get your attention.

What can give you a real competitive advantage is creating a meaningful connection with users. After all, the emotional connection between brands and their audience is ultimately what drives consideration, loyalty and ultimately sales.

And it all starts with a brand story.

This is your opportunity to tell customers why your business is special, unique and different. Ideally, it should be a few paragraphs long and explain why your business exists and how it can help customers.

And most important of all, this story needs to be shared everywhere – from your website domain, to printed brochures, to ensure it’s widely known.

Tips for writing a brand story

No-one knows your brand story better than you. Even if you’re not a wordsmith by trade, you understand what your brand stands for, and what you want to tell customers.

So, whether you use WordPress or a different publishing application, get into the backend of your website and start putting your story into words. There should always be an ‘About’ page, as well as snippets of your story shared on relevant pages, like product pages.

Ready to get started? Here’s some tips for when you’re ready to get drafting.

Say it out loud

A good place to start is by telling your own story in words. Maybe record yourself talking, as if you were telling your story to a friend. Start with your background, and what inspired you to launch your business. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, or honest – authenticity is a great badge of honour.

Express your passion and commitment – all key points that will bring your story to life.

What problem do you solve?

Every product, brand, or business, exists to serve a purpose and solve a problem. What challenge does your business overcome and how?

Try and put this into one succinct sentence. For example, is a trusted provider of .ie domains and affordable domain registrations.

In that brief sentence you will notice the words ‘trust’ and ‘affordable’ – two emotionally driven words that instantly explain the solution being provided. Think about what emotional words you can use that will resonate with your audience.

Social proof

You might want to finish your brand story with some proof points that give credibility to your company. For instance, any awards your business has won, highlights or endorsements that act as some sort of proof point.

You may even want to include customer feedback or comments, which act as social proof. These are all very powerful mentions in telling your brand story.

In Summary

Getting your brand story right is an important marketing and business requirement. Done correctly it will allow you to connect with likeminded customers on an emotional level – and that kind of engagement… well, it’s priceless.

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