How to Write Engaging Posts for your Business Blog

Read any business book, ask any successful company, take a look at any online report, and you’ll see one common theme; the importance of digital marketing.

Today company websites are a constant source of content and news, that need to be managed and updated all the time. From the latest GDPR guidelines, to your latest company news, your website needs to be viewed as an extension of your brand.

That’s where blogs come in. This tool can serve as one of the most important communication channels in marketing, and here’s why.

The importance of a business blog

Having a business blog is the best way for customers to find you organically, through keywords that you should be using. If you’re unfamiliar with these, then a crash-course in Google Adwords is advised!

Producing interesting content has numerous benefits. First of all, it drives customers to your website and increasing sales. It also provides your business with content to share across social media platforms. And as mentioned, it can help you rank higher when used correctly with SEO keywords.

Top Tips for Writing Engaging Copy

So where to start? If you’re yet to buy a domain name, then WordPress hosting is one of the most popular platforms for ease of use. Once you’re all set up, make it a weekly priority to update your website with the latest company news, or blog posts if possible.

Topics: The first place to start is to think about relevant topics to your business and its readers. If you sell luxury bags for instance, this might be around how to care for leather goods, a round-up of celebrity fans of your product, or maybe the latest on-trend colours. When stuck for inspiration, see what competitors are writing about, or look at topical stories you can jump on, like fashion week or black Friday. Above all, use this as an opportunity to show off your brand personality, and you’ll keep readers coming back.

Audience: Before your fingers start tapping, think about who your audience is. What information might they find helpful, what topics are they searching for? For example, as a domain name supplier, we try to provide useful content around domain names in Ireland, since customers are keen for more information on this.

Frequency: Your business blog is also a great outlet to share your company news, provide interviews with key employees and show off your product or services. Find someone in your company with a flair for writing that will happily take on this responsibility. The quality of your content is more important than frequency, suggests search ranking site Moz. As a rule of thumb, one post a week will keep your site fresh.

Add Images: Where possible add images of your products, or source copyright free versions from sites such as Unsplash.

Tone and Style: Blog posts shouldn’t be a memoir or written in the first person (unless you are an independent/consultant and this suits your audience better). They tend to be written in the third person, and are long enough to add value, but not so long that a reader might tune out. Usually speaking, anything between 300 to 1,000 words. Break your post up with sub-headings to keep interest.

Ranking: Finally, a key component of your blog is to drive traffic and rank your website higher. Research your SEO keywords and ensure one or two of these are used within your blog pieces, where and if relevant. Avoid ‘stuffing’ which adds nothing to your content.

Achieving the right balance for your business blog will come with time and experience. It’s a mix of science and a common-sense approach.

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