Why won’t you let me change DNS on my IE Domain?

There isn’t a week that goes by when someone thinks we are preventing them changing their IE domain’s DNS. As we offer low IE domain prices, customers often think there’s a catch when it comes to hosting with another provider and their DNS change fails. The good news is that there’s no catch. If you register an IE domain with LetsHost, you can host it with whoever you wish. There are no extra fees associated with pointing your domain to another provider but needless to say, we’d love if you considered one of our Irish hosting plans.

So what is it about IE domains and DNS changes?

Unlike other domains, the IE domain requires that any DNS server which is going to host the domain  must have an authoritive zone for it. Specifically, there must be compliance with RFC 1034 and RFC 1035. So what does this mean from a novice user’s point of view? This means that your new host must be prepared to host the domain and typically have an account or sub account for this specific domain already configured and ready to go. If not, the DNS on the domain won’t change.

Isn’t this common knowledge?

Yes and no! Typically non Irish hosting providers will not grasp this concept and blame the domain registrar (i.e LetsHost) for the failed DNS change. Thankfully after several requests by our team, the IEDR have now provided a tool for customers to check in real time if their hosting provider is ready to host their domain. See the IEDR’s DNS check here: https://console.iedr.ie/index.php?r=dnscheck/check . If you are having trouble changing your domain’s DNS, forward this URL to your host and hopefully they will understand what’s required.

Best of luck with your new hosting and maybe we can host your next domain!