Why choose an Irish Hosting Provider

When setting up a website for your business or brand choosing a domain name is important. Another factor that is equally as important, if not more, is choosing your hosting provider.

A number of considerations need to be taken into account when selection a hosting provider and these include the following:

  • Support levels
  • Data speeds
  • Information security
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Quality of service, server reliability and server availability
  • Cost

When you look at all the factors in the list above, and considering you are an Irish based business, then you really need to choose the best provider for hosting in Ireland.

LetsHost is a leading Irish based hosting provider with servers located in Dublin, Ireland and are available for you 24/7 365 days a year including all public holidays. This is just one of the reasons why you should choose a LetsHost as your chosen hosting provider. Some other reasons include:

Latest Hosting Technology. LetsHost has invested in the very latest hosting technologies which ensure your website is always available, secure against brute force attacks and data is protected and backed up for disaster recovery.  All business and VPS plans now use the very latest ultra-fast SSD drives for maximum data throughput – essential for any business with an online presence.

Support Levels. Choosing an Irish hosting provider means you are in the same time zone with the support team. Your support tickets are answered promptly allowing you to deal with any problems with minimum delays. Compared to an overseas hosting company, support tickets may take days before you receive a response due to time differences.  LetsHost do not outsource any of their services and you can obtain help and assistance 24 hours a day.

Data & Information Speeds. Hosting your website on Irish servers means your websites load faster and visitors are served up with the information and services they require much faster. Imagine the delays with having your servers hosted in say North America or elsewhere in Europe.

Maintenance Scheduling. This is quite an important consideration for locating your web host in Ireland. If your website is serving predominantly the Irish regions it means you are better placed to schedule server maintenance outside of the busy periods. However, if your hosting provider is based on the other side of the world they may schedule maintenance just when your website is receiving its highest traffic leading to lost business and revenues. LetsHost is based in Dublin and you will benefit from carefully structured maintenance schedules.  A dedicated external status webpage details all upcoming maintenance schedules for all services.

Search Engine Optimization. Choosing an Irish hosting provider will set you up ahead of the competition in your industry. When returning search results, search engines consider the IP address of the servers where your website is hosted. Therefore it makes perfect sense, if targeting the Irish market to host your sites in Ireland. This means that when a customer in Ireland performs a search query your website will be shown ahead of a competitor’s that is hosted in say the USA.

As you can see from the above there are immense benefits for your business to choose an Irish hosting provider. LetsHost have excellent hosting packages, reasonably priced with an outstanding customer service record. Visit www.LetsHost.ie today and find the package that is just right for you.

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