Why choose a .ie domain?

By choosing to register a .ie domain over other domains you are choosing Irish! When you click on a .ie domain you know that it can be trusted and more importantly that it is an Irish website you are logging on to, as all applications to the IEDR (Irish Domain Registry) must show a real and substantive connection to Ireland.

With .ie domains you have virtually no cybersquatting, less cybercrime and minimal poaching of domains. You get Higher Search Engine Rating with .ie domains and greater Security.

Registration is Simple. If the domain is for Business use, all you need to provide is an RBN/CRO or Registered VAT Number. If you dont have any of these, dont worry, you can provide a letter from your Bank Manager Solicitor or Accountant confirming you are a Sole Trader along with a document from yourself outlining your connection to the domain.

If the domain is for Personal use, all you need to do is send in a document outlining what the domain name means and what it will be used for along with a copy of your Passport or Driving Licence.

Following the IEDRs announcement of registering the 150,000th .ie domain, they have launched why.ie, a site detailing further why to go .ie. Please visit https://www.why.ie/ for more information.

For detailed information/examples of the IEDR registration policy, please visit http://www.letshost.ie/domains/domain_irish_domain_names.php

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