When should I switch to a dedicated server?

When should I switch to a dedicated server?

That’s a question that has several different answers and can be looked at from a few different perspectives. But in the interest of simplicity, let’s just take a quick look at some of the issues that you’ll be facing if you’re considering when or if you should commit to a dedicated server.

Performance: Is your site performing at a level that guarantees your visitors are seeing all of the necessary information in order for them to take the actions your site intends them to take? Are your site’s pages consistently loading quickly enough for forms to be submitted and orders to be processed? Is the overall user experience seamless and fast enough so as not to risk visitors leaving because of slow loading times?

If any of the above-stated performance questions are becoming an issue, then it is likely time to move to a dedicated server.

Visitors: There is no definitive number of daily visitors that makes it necessary to switch to a dedicated server. But traffic is usually a top concern when it comes to determining whether or not to switch to a dedicated server. The trick is to stay ahead of the curve.

You don’t want to switch to a dedicated server after you’ve begun to experience problems managing your traffic load. Rather, you must anticipate the traffic level at which you’re likely to encounter problems and make the switch to a dedicated server well in advance of that point.

Cost: The advantages to a dedicated server are many, including greater bandwidth, unique IP, site flexibility and hosting support (usually). But there is always a cost to obtain these advantages and you must determine if the additional costs are justified within your current site or business model.

The cost of a dedicated server is actually pretty reasonable in today’s marketplace. At Lets Host, we offer several options for our dedicated server clients. Contact us today for more information.