Web Hosting Reseller Support from LetsHost

Like many web hosting companies, LetsHost has offered a full-service reseller program from the very beginning. But unlike most web hosting companies, LetsHost takes its reseller program very seriously. We work closely with our resellers to ensure that they are comfortable with their account control panel – or Web Host Manager – and that they are able to properly serve their client base.

We go to great lengths to ensure that the relationship between us and our resellers is entirely transparent to your end-clients. They will only know we are providing the hosting for their site if you tell them. Otherwise, we work only with you and you are free to upsell and mark-up our cost-effective hosting solutions as your business model demands. It is this commitment to a true partnership that has enabled us to grow a steady and satisfied base of resellers who continue to use LetsHost as their primary web hosting solution.

After a reseller’s client is loaded into the WHM, the client is then given access to their hosting account through cPanel, which is generally considered as the best available web hosting interface available today. The functionality within cPanel allows your end clients to easily set up sub-domains, e-mail addresses and change passwords without any support from you or from us.

As far as your clients know, you are providing their hosting, in addition to whatever individual products or services you are already offering them. With up to 25 accounts available, unlimited MySQL databases and e-mail accounts for only €30 per month, or €300 per year, resellers have the flexibility necessary to grow their business and their bottom line. As your reseller needs grow, our service and support will grow with you, ensuring that you are able to continue to provide the type of service that will keep your clients happy in the long term