Keeping informed: how did .ie domains do in 2023?

Each year the Irish Domain Registry publishes their .IE Domain Profile Report. They look back at the previous year to see how the domains market performed here in Ireland, and what trends or patterns there were. The 2023 report runs to some 14 pages, all of which are an interesting read, but we thought it might be useful to pick out some key points and statistics.

Domain registrations

In 2023 there were 48,689 new .ie domains registered, increasing the total number to 328,245. This is a modest 0.34% increase in new registrations on 2022, but a 0.31% reduction in the total number. The multi-year outlook is encouraging, however, as the number of .ie domains has grown by 16.8% since 2019.

Popular extensions

As expected, the .ie extension continues its dominance, representing 54.3% of all domains in Ireland. It is clearly the extension of choice for businesses and consumers nationwide. 90% of .ie domains are registered to an Irish owner, with the remaining 10% registered outside Ireland. Great Britain, the US and Germany form the majority of that 10%.

The next most popular domain extension in Ireland in 2023 was .com, accounting for 29.3% of all Irish domains. After that is .uk (7.3%), .eu (2.3%) and .net (1.9%).

Most popular CMS

Last year, 59% of all .ie domains used a Content Management System (CMS) on their website. WordPress was by far and away the most popular, being used by 75.24% of CMS users. Wix was next, at 10.14%, followed by Squarespace, at 5.68%.

Read the full report

We’ve highlighted some key data in this blog post, but there’s much more in the full report. You can see what the most popular keywords used within domains were, which specific counties registered the most domains, and much more.

So why not head over to the website of the Irish Domain Registry and give it a read? You’ll find the link below.

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