Two-Factor Authentication Feature Now Available in cPanel

A new security feature is now available in your cPanel control panel – Two-Factor Authentication.

How to enable it

To enable this feature, you will need to log in to your cPanel control panel and scroll down to the Security heading and then click the icon for Two-Factor Authentication. On the next screen, click the grey button Set Up Two-Factor Authentication. Follow the onscreen instructions from here to enable this feature on your account. You will need a corresponding app on your phone to use this feature – visit either the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to download the app to your device.

How it works

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer to logging in to your cPanel control panel. Without this feature enabled, you simply need the cPanel username and password to log in. Once enabled, you will need to have a time-based unique code (generated by the authenticator app) as well as your cPanel username and password before you can log in to your cPanel. This greatly increases the security of your hosting account.

And don’t forget, Two-Factor Authentication is also available on your LetsHost client area.