The Importance of Backing Up

Like many companies these days if you rely on your Desktop/laptop to do your day to day business it is essential that you have some sort of backup strategy in place. In the event of theft, fire, user error or flooding your business could be wiped out over night. Word Document, spreadsheets, emails contact information, client databases can all be lost. How would you recover in such an event?

With the price of external media drives dropping with each passing month there is no excuse for any business not to have backups in some shape or form on either external harddrives, CD/DVD or tape drives.

A backup strategy is vital for any business that relies heavily on their data to be able to function in an ever increasing digital work place. You will need to identify the data that you can not do without and how often this data is changed. It is a good idea to run a daily backup of spreadsheets, emails etc and to make multiple copies. i.e a backup of your backup.

It is not wise to store all your backups in the one location as hardware failure could wipe them all out. You should strongly consider keeping a copy in a remote location. offer an online backup solution – more information can be found by going to