Seven Signs You Are A Digital Nomad

There’s a new way of working, and it’s changing the way we do business. Telecommuting or remote working, as it’s known, is becoming so popular that today 70 per cent of employees work out of the office at least one day a week. Those who work in IT, be it web hosting or web design,
will be familiar with this freelance approach, championed by the tech industry for years now. Some call it the digital nomad way of life.

What is a digital nomad?

Simply put, a digital nomad is someone that works in a freelance capacity with no fixed office. Today nearly 5 million Americans (and 216,000 Irish) identify as digital nomads, a trend that’s on the rise. It’s even spreading to our shores with Cork already identified as a digital nomad
hotspot! So, what does it take to be a digital nomad and could you be one? Here’s seven signs to look out for.

1. Your office is in your bag

Life on-the-go has never been so easy. Today you can do everything from buy domain to run your online company without being bound to an office. All you need is the right tools and WiFi connectivity and you’re good to go. As such, the digital nomad travels with their office on their back; laptops – check, mobile phones – check, reusable plastic bottle – check. Yes, they’re environmentally conscious too!

2. Every day your office changes

Speaking of offices, one of the trademarks of the digital nomad is their love for travel. One day they’re cosied up in a café, the next they’re starting a business on the beach. If your backdrop is ever changing, you too might be adopting the nomadic lifestyle…

3. You have your own professional website

No self-respecting digital nomad would be without a personal website. A WordPress Website is a popular choice. Think of it as your calling card to the world. If you don’t already own a website domain, it’s easy to buy a domain and get started. It’s a prerequisite for the nomadic life after all.

4. It’s all about the gig economy

Technology connects us in ways that were never before thinkable. A sure sign that you’re a digital nomad is if being a member of the gig economy. This means working for several different employers at any given time, usually found through crowdsourcing websites.

5. You’re ahead of the curve

The gig economy is growing. In ten years from now, there might be one billion digital nomads in the world. If you read that nodding along, you’re definitely ahead of the game. That’s because digital nomads aren’t afraid of change and embrace new trends. They are the cutting edge of business, acting as micro-consultants to a plethora of brands. They understand everything from the benefit of having a domain name in Ireland to having a social media presence.

6. Flexibility is your thing

Being flexible is a gift that nomads understand. It’s their way of life. No fixed abode, no regular routine. Every day is different, and they are versatile and adaptable to move with the times. This isn’t the life for everyone, but for those that welcome new ways of working, it’s a great advantage to have. Being flexible is fundamental to being a nomad.

7. You’re always plugged in

And finally, you can identify a digital nomad by their reliance on technology. They are the ones attached to their mobile devices. They read, consume and live online. Blogs – not papers, apps not tangible goods, remote connectivity not face-to-face. They carry chargers around like purses, and know the best WiFi spots, like plane spotters know aircrafts! They’re a unique breed, optimising the digital age for every tool it gives them. And in return, they’re shaping our future to be an exciting and unpredictable place.

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