Redefining Business with the Redefined iPad Pro

Apple – it’s a brand that is synonymous with business and pleasure, providing some of our favourite products for day-to-day use. The humble iPad is just one such device which has transformed the way we use and consume content. Used everywhere, from airports to car show rooms, its wide-ranging appeal means that it needs to constantly innovate to keep up with the market. In doing so, some argue that the latest iPad Pro is ‘safe’ and sensible, while others see it a loaded with lots of fun useful features.


What can we expect from the iPad Pro?

Apple’s latest iPad is also its fastest and most powerful thanks to its A10 Fusion chip. This is best put to use when editing videos and gaming, with augmented reality (AR) at its focus.

But the buzz is all around the Apple pencil. Effectively a stylus that offers pixel-perfect precision and responsiveness. Although a game-changer for iPad, it does bring us back to the early days of smartphones before touch screen. It’s also not entirely new to the tablet world, with Microsoft’s Surface Pen and Surface Pro tablet already out there.

As we’ve also come to expect with Apple, the stylus is an added cost.


Great for work

Never a distraction, the iPad pro has a number of benefits for the office.

  • The stylus is particularly helpful for use with the notepad app, and especially useful for meetings
  • Faster than ever – allowing you to rattle through your ‘to do’ list
  • It allows you to use multiple apps at once, useful for toggling between different projects you’re working on all at once
  • Bluetooth keyboard are compatible, which make it handy for working on-the-go
  • Loaded with useful apps, Keynote being a priority for all those presentations. And before you ask – it boasts 10 hours of battery life, so you only need to charge it once a day
  • Its super 8MP camera and HD video serve their purpose for work meetings, as well as capturing content for social media. It even markets its ability to scan documents, a nifty little feature
  • Whether you host your domain with or elsewhere, small business will particularly find its WiFi and 4G LTE option beneficial. Now with an Apple SIM it connects to mobile data networks in over 180 countries and regions, allowing users to get online anywhere


Great for pleasure

  • With AR emerging as a serious technology, Apple have given it pride of place, with every aspect from its display to motion sensors, geared towards making the AR experience even more powerful than before.
  • Expect great quality images for all those selfies you’re taking with its high resolution camera
  • Great for gamers who enjoy graphic-intensive games and AR
  • In an interview with an Australian newspaper, Apple CEO Tim Cook, said: “It’s about giving people things that they can then use to help them change the world or express their passion or express their creativity.”



The new Apple iPad Pro starts from €369 for 32GB and WiFi, there is an option to upgrade to a higher spec offering cellular roaming too. The Apple Pencil is an extra €99.



With lots of advances and thoughtful features, the latest iteration from Apple is its fastest and most powerful, making it great for work and leisure. While its stylus is a nice addition, it’s not the first on the market. But play with the iPad Pro long enough and you’ll be sure to fall in love with some of its quirky new features. It’s best summed up by its own tagline ‘Like a computer. Unlike any computer’.

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