A Prime Time For Ireland – 1,000 New Jobs Created By Amazon

Ireland has long been a destination for high-tech companies, with many basing their European headquarters out of its capital. It’s low corporate tax (just 12.5%) has been a key factor in attracting inward business from major brands which include; Facebook, LinkedIn, PayPal, Apple, Microsoft and Airbnb, among many others.

Already with a head office in Dublin, Amazon has just announced that it will expand its 2,500-work force. Amazon Web Services (AWS), its cloud computing subsidiary is creating 1,000 extra positions over the next two years.

Mike Beary, Amazon Web Services general manager, said: “Ireland has been a great place for us to attract great high-tech talent and it’s a great business environment for us.


Taking Tech Forward

Boosting Dublin’s tech sector and demand for specialists, roles include network engineers, software engineers and data specialists.

With a main office in Dublin, Daragh MacLoughlin director of Letshost.ie said: “Ireland is a growing hub of tech talent at the heart of innovation in the industry. Couple this with our low tax rates and it’s easy to see why Dublin is attracting global brands.

“As such, we’ve noticed a rise in domain names in Ireland, as it becomes ever more important for businesses to have an Irish domain name.


Moving with the Times

While Cork, Kildare and Galway are all destinations for local offices, ‘Silicon Docks’ is still the central hub for Dublin’s bustling tech trade. However, some sources suggest that the industry is expanding out to nearby Charlemont Street and Burlington Road – the new 170,000 square foot building where AWS will be based.


Met with Mixed Reactions

Already in the first half of this year we have seen 11,300 jobs created by foreign enterprise in the capital. This has been met by many as a positive move.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar for instance, tweeted that the new creation of jobs was “A real testament to our ability to attract top tech talent.

However, the news was not met with the same enthusiasm by everyone. Top economists at Dublin’s Trinity College, announced that this influx in business will drive rent up by a predicted 1% and house prices by 2% in the coming years.

Whatever your stance, one thing is indisputable – Ireland remains a top hub for international trade and talent, and that’s not set to change anytime soon…


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