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The massive growth in the use of E-Mail both in business and for personal use has provided the benefits of cheap and instantaneous global messaging to almost everyone.

Email is readily available with a entry cost. Unfortunately, as a result of this high penetration of electronic mail in the business and home markets, e-Mail has now become one of the most frequently abused technologies with users regularly finding themselves bombarded with spam and viruses up to hundreds or even thousands of times a day.

Many surveys show (including our own analysis) that as much as 80% of emails on the Internet (about 6.5 billion emails a day) are spam.

These emails are generated not only by spammers, but also by automatic systems called “botnets” – where the computers of unsuspecting internet users are secretly infected with a virus or rogue software to create a robotic network that generates massive amounts of unwanted spam email. These compromised computers can then be used in turn to attack other comuters and websites.

In order to combat this menace of spam and viruses, LetsHosthas partnered with CopperFasten to provide it customers with a comprehensive solution, at an extremely cost effective rate.

The LetsHost anti-spam solution consists of powerful additional hardware servers that scan every email for viruses and/or spam before forwarding all clean emails to your email LetsHost inbox. All messages detected as spam are sent to a separate quarantine area for future review and delivery if required by the customer. Internet users hosting with other providers can also take advantage of this solution.

Because of the high importance of E-mail as an everyday business tool, it is important to ensure the absolute accuracy in email delivery, removing viruses and spam and eliminating the incidence of false positives. With this in mind, the LetsHost Anti spam solution uses a multi-layered approach to identify, analyse and “cleanse” incoming email prior to delivery to the customers mailbox. Email is verified by recipient address lookup, passed through customised content filters and quarantined if appropriate. It is then scanned by the double layer virus scanner, then passed through White list and Blacklist databases that are maintained by the customer, passed through RBL and DNSRBL databases, analyzed based on keywords in Headers and Body Text, scanned using customized and Bayesian rule sets. Finally mail is scanned using Razor and DCC fingerprint checks and assigned a “score” whereupon it will be quarantined, flagged as Spam or delivered. The customer can even retrieve any quarantined mail thus ensuring no email is ever lost. Quarantined mail is kept for 3 weeks before being removed from the server.

There are no restrictions on the number of email accounts per domain, that can use this server, provided it is within the limits of our Fair use policy.

The cost of providing the LetsHost Anti Spam solution is only €8.95 per month, or €89.50 per year, plus vat. We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are in any way dissatisfied with the solution.

Sign up today at www.letshost.ie, and start enjoying the benefits of a spam and virus free inbox without any fine tuning or daily maintenance required.

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