Hosting more than one domain name on your Irish web hosting account

When you sign up for your LetsHost Irish web hosting account you either provide us with an existing domain name or register a new domain name.

That becomes the primary domain associated with your account, but did you know that your LetsHost Complete Hosting Plan gives you plenty of storage and bandwidth to host up to 25 additional websites, all from a single hosting account.

Add on Domains and Parked Domains

Once you’ve registered your new domain name(s) there are two ways to add additional domains to your LetsHost Complete hosting account. You’ll find these options in the Domains section of your hosting control panel (accessible via

1. Parked domains

When you park a domain you’re essentially “pointing” that domain to a domain that already exists on your account (either to your primary domain or an add-on domain… see below).

For example, let’s say your primary domain uses the Irish top level domain, .ie. So, might be your main domain name, but you also decide to buy to help broaden your reach and traffic (and of course to prevent other companies from registering it).

In that case you want anyone who types in to be automatically routed to your primary domain at

By “parking” the secondary domain on top of your primary domain, any traffic arriving via is seamlessly redirected to Simple!

You can “park” an unlimited number of domain names with a single LetsHost Complete Hosting plan.

2. Add On Domains

Your Letshost hosting package also lets you add up to 25 Add-on domains. These essentially  behave as independent domains, complete with web-space, e-mail addresses, ftp accounts, etc. – all conveniently controlled through your central, web based LetsHost Complete Hosting Plan control panel.

Files associated with your add-on domains sit in a sub-folders under your primary domain’s public_html folder, and you can administer them just as you would the files for your primary domain. To the outside world your add-on domains look and behaves like a completely independent website.

Your LetsHost Complete Hosting plan gives you great flexibility when it comes to hosting multiple domains, and don’t forget, LetsHost is also a leading Irish domain registrar… so you get great hosting, great domain registration and great support all in one place.

You’ll find more details and step-by step instructions on setting up your add-on domain and adding a parked domain in the comprehensive LetsHost support knowledgebase.

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