How To Grow Your Audience Using Online Analytics

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, so it pays to be tuned in to their needs. Thanks to technology we’re more equipped than ever before to listen to customers and act accordingly.

From domain name research to Twitter analytics, there’s a number of free and useful tools you can use and employ to improve your relationship with your followers.

In doing so, you will have a better understanding of their needs, the time they use social media, and the sort of content they find interesting and shareable. Helping to build loyalty and drive sales – this should be an important part of any business strategy.

Twitter analytics

Love it or loathe it, Twitter is here to stay. The more you interact with users, the better you’ll be at attracting the right customers to your business.

With over 126 million daily users, Twitter is one of the most important platforms for your brand.

Of course, content is great as an engagement tool, but don’t forget the commercial benefits either. It may seem obvious but make sure your website domain is linked to your profile to encourage plenty of click-through.

First of all, be sure to activate analytics in order to measure your audience and reach. Once enabled, you’ll be able to gain useful insight into your customer base. This includes measuring the popularity of messages (paid and organic), looking at your audience demographic and measuring reoccurring trends. Use it as often as possible as your business expands and evolves.

Instagram insight

If you have a business that lends itself to great content or visuals, you should definitely be on Instagram.

With frequent use, this is another great social media tool that can have great commercial benefit. If you’re new to content creation, this is one of the best ways to measure the success of campaigns too.

First, make sure you have a business profile (not a personal one), then you simply tap on ‘insights’ to see what content is getting the most traction. Here you can also view audience demographics and crucially understand when they are most present online to target.

WordPress analytics

As the world’s largest micro-blogging tool, most websites involve WordPress hosting. If you use WordPress, then you can glean the many benefits of this superior tool.

There are many analytic tools and widgets you can download to help drill deeper into audience profiles. One of the best is Google Analytics.

Free to download, this plugin displays a single dashboard that is easy to navigate. For experienced users, you can even track user engagement and links.

From bounce rates to pages per session, it’s a smart way to scrutinize your audience in great detail.


We all love a hashtag, but are we using them the right way? Hashtagify is one of those useful websites for those who like their morning coffee with a side of business insight!

The informative site helps you search for the right hashtags for your business, providing insight and tracking. It’s also easy to export the details with colleagues, to ensure the right terms are being used. Hand in hand with keyword research, using the right terms will help ensure your social activity is seen by all the right people.

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