Google has introduced a URL inspection tool, here is how to use it

In these ever-evolving tech times we live in, greater transparency has become an important term, some say ‘buzzword’. The change in GDPR law, the introduction of new privacy policies by Facebook and Instagram, and now Google introducing a URL inspection tool, are some of the advances we have seen in recent months.

This is encouraging news for small businesses and domain owners who will be able to see how Google’s technology views them.

New Tool for Marketers

At the start of the year, Google introduced a new search console for limited users to trial. They claimed it allows users to explore its “simplified process of optimizing a website’s presence on Google Search”.

Following a successful trial, Google is now rolling the tool out to Google Search Console users over the coming weeks.

So, what are its features and how can you use it?

The key benefits of the URL inspection tool are that you can see how Google crawled, indexed and processed a domain you own. It doesn’t matter if you use shared hosting or WordPress hosting, the analysis is available to all verified domain owners.

Made for Simplicity

The tool is easy to use. Visiting the Search Console site simply ‘add property’ (a website link) to check its status. This can be any URL domain that you own.

Once verified, users can see the last crawl date and status along with any crawling, indexing errors, amongst other features. But rather than just a straight forward report, it also has the ability to suggest how you can get better results in its handy ‘enhancements’ section.

Another useful feature is its search performance report allowing you to drill down in to more detail about your site.

No doubt, businesses will find this a helpful tool in order to improve their website effectiveness and track bugs.

Media Post adds that: “Marketers can see information and learn the status of any changes found on the page, such as linked Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) version or results like jobs, or recipes.”

This is one of several new features recently introduced by Google’s Search Console, including 16 months of traffic data. It will be welcomed as a positive step in the right direction, for offering more tools and insight for businesses to optimise their online presence.

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