Five Ways to Keep in Touch with Customers During Covid-19

Customers are the beating heart of your business. So, during these unprecedented times we find ourselves in, how can you keep in touch with them?

It has never been more important to maintain relations and keep a dialogue. At a time of great uncertainty and change, it’s an opportunity to reach out to customers and remain front of mind.

Whether you’re reassuring customers of new safety measures, sharing your new website domain for online orders, or introducing contactless delivery, communication is key.

With this in mind here’s five smart ways to keep in touch during the current Covid-19 pandemic that every small business owner can do today.

1. Time to get social…

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – these are all important platforms you should be harnessing already. Facebook in Ireland has grown by 100,000 users during the pandemic, all in the 40+ group.

This shows how important it is to grow with your audience. Use each channel to its merits. For instance, Instagram is great for sharing images and videos of new products or behind-the-scenes content. Whilst Twitter can be useful for sharing links to updates and company statements. Facebook provides a helpful forum for monitoring customer sentiment.

2. Have a banner on your website

Your website is your calling card. If you don’t already have one, be sure to buy domain sharpish – this is not the time to be left behind. You may also find it’s time to upgrade your site to start selling online too.

In any case, your website will benefit from a pop-up or banner, informing customers of any changes to your business owing to Covid-19. When in doubt, take a look at what your competitors are doing.

3. Blog on your website

Blogging is a great way to communicate with customers. As well as provide an informal and helpful update on your operation, it’s a way to stay in touch regularly.

Be sure to read and respond to comments too. Better still if you can integrate SEO keywords, to help boost traffic. WordPress Hosting is an easy option for newbies to the blogging world.

4. Newsletters

Newsletters are a simple way to keep in touch with customers that are already interested in your business. Anywhere from weekly to monthly will suffice in keeping them up to date. This is an opportunity to use your voice to connect directly. Update customers on the measures you’re taking, how much you value their business, and any news that may be helpful. Pepper your newsletter with content from your domain and blog to drive them back to your website as well.

5. Instant messaging

SMS is so last decade! Move into the modern era with instant messaging. There’s two ways you can do this. First of all introduce ‘live chat’ on your website. If you have shared hosting, you should have tech support to guide you through this.

Another consideration is WhatsApp. More and more, companies are using this platform to provide instant responses to customer queries. At a time when people are restricted with visiting shops, it may be the difference between gaining or losing a sale.

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