Five Things Every Start-Up Should Do

Last year was a record year for start-ups in Ireland. There were 61 new companies formed every day, a total of 22,354 enterprises in all. This record figure signals an exciting time for enterprise. However, we all know how crucial the first year is for a new company. As such, there are a number of measures every new business should take before launching itself to the world, here’s a few things to do in earnest:

Register the Company Name

Before anything you’ll want to ensure your company name is available. Once you’ve checked domain name availability, social media handles and researched against other company names, you’re good to go! If your preferred domain name isn’t available, read our previous post on how to get creative.

The next step is to register your company name. At the official Companies Registration Office you can download the forms to send off with fees, starting from €20.They advise doing this within a month of adopting a business name.

Domain Name Registration

The second most important measure to take is to secure your domain name. The first step is to head over to a trusted supplier of domain names, such as and check domain availability. There are plenty of options and alternatives if your preferred name is taken, and it’s worth considering domain names in Ireland. Not only are these exclusive to those with Irish roots, but they offer reassurance and present a sign of local quality to prospective customers.

Have a Brand Guidelines in Place

From your brand colours to different versions of your logo, from your typography to your strapline, all the nuisances that go in to making your brand identity should be carefully considered and collated in one document. There are some great online resources to help you, including free visual style guides at Canva and apps such as logojoy that help you make free logos.

Read Start Up Books

Whatever business you decide to start, there’s a number of great books to help you on your journey. Some worth a read include The Lean Start-Up by Eric Ries, Start With Why by Simon Sinek and Purple Cow by Seth Godin. Some of these titles have gone on to help a number of business leaders put the right framework in place for success.

Set some goals!

If you’ve ever watched Dragons Den, you’ll hear contestants being asked ‘What’s your end goal’. While this might seem an unusual question to think about for a start-up, it’s also one of the most important parts of your business plan. As such, it’s important to set goals ahead of launch, and think about what your end game is. To franchise your business, to sell it to another company, or to run it yourself in the long term? Think about your end game and set some objectives in place.

There’s our top five tips for entrepreneurs starting out their own business. If you’re looking for a trusted supplier of domain names in Ireland, and shared hosting solutions, then visit industry leaders now.

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