Here’s a question, did you just stumble across this blog, or did a search engine or other online platform lead you to it? If you answered the latter, you have just witnessed first-hand the benefit of hosting a blog on your website.

Whether your website is about e-commerce or just about having an online presence, there’s no question that having a blog section will add value, whatever the nature of your website.

Still not convinced? Here’s five reasons you need a blog on your website today!


  1. It will boost your search visibility

In its simplest form, blogging can help boost search rankings and visibility. The more you blog, the more pages you create and the more pages you create, the more leads your business gets.

Another benefit blogging brings is that it can help your ranking with Google. If you produce high quality content that others want to link to, you may attract highly sought after inbound links and referral traffic. You can increase the chances of this by promoting your posts across social media channels too.

It’s wise to research your market and understand the key search terms being used. By incorporating these in your posts, you improve the chances of being discovered.

  1. It shows off your brand personality

First of all, think about the tone and voice you want your company to have. Will it be in the first person, or will it be a brand voice? From there, you can think about what topics to cover and what company blog ideas are relevant to your audience.

It’s also a clever way to establish your voice as an expert in your field. Use the platform as an opportunity to show off your brand personality (is your brand cheeky, playful or sensible?), offer customers behind-the-scenes content – just have a voice.

  1. It can boost traffic….

There is a saying that ‘content is king’ – it has never been truer. We live in a society where customers actively seek information, so why not give it.

Indeed, the more content you create from blogging, the more likely you are to attract traffic. This is because more content means more pages, which help your domain to be indexed in search engines.

  1. … and sales!

Think about how the content you produce can convert to sales. Are there any themes, hooks or trends that you can attach your products to?

For instance on their blog, Penguin Books have a post about the National Book Awards, linking to all the shortlisted authors they publish as a clever call to action.

Your blog is just another sales platform. Use it to talk about your product, or interview your creative director, or show some of the thought and touches that go in to making your product so great.

  1. It encourages brand loyalty

When it comes to the best company blog examples, Starbucks have a dedicated blog microsite! It covers recipe ideas, seasonal products and talks about causes they care about such as war veterans. These are all subtle marketing tactics, to help you buy into and understand their brand. And in turn, this can increase positive feelings towards it.

Blogging can also grow loyalty by building a relevant community around you, especially if you engage and listen to their views to improve your products and services.

Finally, an active blog shows that your business is well maintained and up to date, so try and find time to keep yours current. If you’re struggling with blog post ideas, try this free blog generator.

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