Five Inspiring Women in Tech to Follow

We can all think of great ‘techpreneurs’ – leaders who changed the world, heroes who developed game-changing products, icons who inspired us to buy a domain name and give e-commerce a go.

For International Women’s Day, we decided to pay tribute to five of the most inspiring women in technology, who we should all be following.

  • Sheryl Sandberg

If you haven’t already heard of Sheryl Sandberg, now’s the time to buy ‘Lean In’. Revered in business circles, the book draws on her experience as a Mum and business leader, empowering women in the workplace. She also just so happens to be the chief operating officer at Facebook, and was the first woman on its board. Recently, Fortune Magazine named her one of their Most Powerful Women in Business – indeed, she’s kind of a big deal!

Her philosophy is to help women achieve their ambitions and create an equal world. Her website domain is – a great place to stay up to date with her work in this field. You can also follow her on Facebook @sheryl.

  • Anne O’Leary

Hailing from Cork, O’Leary scooped Tatler’s prestigious Woman of the Year title in 2018, and will be speaking at the Women in Tech conference in Dublin later this September. A dedicated advocate for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) industries, Anne is widely recognised for her efforts in bringing gender balance to the industry.

As the 130th President of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, she’s also a keen supporter of local commerce. In a recent interview, she expressed an interest in helping the community reinvest in its people, and encourages ways in which small Irish companies are supported.

You can follow Anne on Twitter @annatters. If you’re one such local company looking to grow your business, why not take out a IE domains?

  • Erica Joy Baker

As the Principal Group Engineering Manager at Microsoft, Erica has amassed a large following on social media, with 74k followers alone on her @EricaJoy Twitter feed. A natural born problem solver, she’s not afraid to share her personal views online, from concerns around bugs on FaceTime to her many travels. Always uplifting and insightful, give her a follow.

  • Helen Hou-Sandi

If you have WordPress hosting, you might be familiar with Helen – she’s the director of platform experience at the WordPress agency that develops its tools. Offering a glimpse into the challenges of the tech industry Helen’s twitter feed @helenhousandi is unfiltered and insightful, engaging frequently with her followers. You can also stay up to date on her blog too

  • Laura Medalia

When it comes to women in coding, Laura Medalia is one to watch. Not only does she run a successful t-shirt business with catchy slogans, but she’s transforming the industry by bringing coding skills to the fore.

With a solid following on Instagram of 72,000+ followers and a successful blog, the software engineer from New York fuses her love for fashion and tenacity for tech. She shares tips for women on the rise and champions female involvement in every part of the industry; from artificial intelligence to computer science.

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