Dedicated Servers for Your Serious Online Applications

There comes a time amidst the growth of many small, web-based businesses when so-called “critical mass” is reached and plans must be made for the future of the company. This concept applies to nearly every aspect of business operations, from the hiring of employees to managing payroll, customer service and company facilities. Before any of those occur, however, a true “e-business” will typically find itself graduating from a mere hosting account to a more “robust” dedicated server.

That need often arises when the online applications outgrow their shared hosting environments. While shared hosting accounts are extremely useful and cost effective, making them especially attractive to start-up businesses, there is a limit to what can be done with shared space.

A primary concern is space itself – though a great deal of server space is available with LetsHost plans, dedicated servers afford massive amounts of storage and bandwidth, with the LetsHost“Option 3” plan featuring 1000 GB (yes, that’s a TERABYTE) of bandwidth. More to the point, the dedicated environment means no longer sharing bandwidth and I/O with other websites and applications, so the resources of your dedicated box are just that, i.e. – dedicated. LetsHost dedicated server options range from 2GB of memory to 4GB and feature Quad Core processors (the Option 3 plan offers dual Quad Cores, the equivalent processing power of 8 chips).

What all this means, in short, is that database queries occur without the slightest hesitation or lag, and heavy user traffic that is typical of online applications (subscription sites, e-commerce, forums, search engines, etc.) is handled much more easily than in a shared environment. While businesses with simple website needs may never require a dedicated server, any web-based company that relies on user traffic for business success is generally going to come to a point when a hosting upgrade is necessary.