Continuous Data Protection – 4 daily backups

LetsHost have partnered with to provide Continuous Data Protection (CDP) on each of its production web servers making an “enterprise-level backup solution”.

Continuous data protection enables LetsHost to run close to continuous data backups of all its servers and customer data. LetsHost have deployed a private network between separate data centres in order to perform CDP backups to off-site secure locations, protecting data even during worst case scenario.

All our Customers have the ability, through a dedicated control panel, to restore files their entire account or select individual files to recover from any deletions or corruptions that may occur. In addition, databases can also be restored from any of 44 snapshots, right down to table level. This level of granularity provides a massive improvement on traditional hosting providers once per day backup scheme.

We currently maintain 4 daily snapshots, kept for 10 days, and 4 additional weekly snapshots of every file are also maintained. Customers can now avail of the CDP server to manage their files themselves. You can be safe in the knowledge that your data is secured and recoverable in the event of accidental deletion or corruption. Many customers depend on emails and data stored on their websites for their businesses to function. This extra level of backup protection gives peace of mind to our customers, ensuring that in the event of any problems with their data, recovery is only a few clicks away. Letshost takes care of your 4 x daily backups, you can have full control of the actual restore. With an easy click of the button you can choose from different times of backup and restore yourself with no difficulties.

The CDP technology works at disk sector level, rather than traditional file level, delivering bare-metal disaster recovery. Even in the worst possible circumstances LetsHost can restore a server from a very recent backup in a very short space of time. With continuous data protection, LetsHost maintains a completely reliable, recent copy of all data that is stored well away from its primary facilities.

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