Cheap .IE domain registration

Since 2005 when LetsHost was first established we have been leading the way in reducing the cost of an IE domain name. As our wholesale prices from the IE domain registry reduced over the years, LetsHost has continued to reduce the cost of domain registration. Specifically, we have always aimed to maintain the cheapest IE domain registration fees. As of August 1st 2017, LetsHost are the largest IE domain registrar for 2017 having achieved over 4,900 registrations year to date. To celebrate this achievement, we are currently running a domain sale where an IE domain will cost just €4.99 + VAT – the cheapest in Ireland.

Some customers are concerned when they see domain registrars like LetsHost offering prices for 1/3rd of the competition. There must be a catch! We’re happy to confirm there’s no catch nor hidden fees. If you register a domain with LetsHost, you can host it with LetsHost or any other provider – no questions asked. Of course, we’d be delighted if you chose one of our products such as our WordPress hosting plans, but if you have an account elsewhere we provide full functionality to autonomously repoint your domain to that provider.

So what functionality do we provide with all domain registrations?

  • Online DNS Management (Change DNS servers on your domain 24/7)
  • Managed DNS services (we provide DNS for hosting your domain elsewhere)
  • Ticket based support (Ask us a domain related question any time)
  • EPP code retrieval in real time (no waiting around!)
  • Online renewal for 1-10 years in real time

Tips for searching for the cheapest ie domain names

  • Does your provider tie you into hosting?
  • Do you get full technical support?
  • Do you need to email their support to action change requests on your domain?
  • Are there penalty fees for transferring your domain away?
  • Can you get your domain name’s transfer code at any time?


If you are ready to check your domain’s availability, read our tips on choosing the perfect domain name and get started with your next domain today!