What Are Chatbots And Why Does Your Business Need One?

If you run your own business, whether through Irish hosting or otherwise, you’ll know the importance of having a good website to represent your company. While .ie domain names can help associate your business with local provenance, chatbots can help with the more technical side of good customer service.

A chatbot (also known as a talkbot, bot or interactive agent) uses artificial intelligence to converse with customers online. They act much like a customer service agent, ready to field and answer questions using keywords to generate responses using a messenger service.


The Customer is Always Right

Thanks to the evolution of artificial intelligence, chatbots have come a long way to offer a sophisticated approach to customer service.

We all know the importance of good customer service. In a survey by American Express, they found that 78% of consumers did not fulfill a purchase online due to poor service experience. Furthermore, 70% of Americans said that they would spend more money with companies that provide excellent customer service.

So, how can chatbots help your online business?


24/7 Support

We live in a global economy, meaning that we need to consider our services in a 24-hour global clock. Companies are waking up to this approach, by providing out-of-hours customer service. While some companies choose to use automated phone lines, these can be slow and also costly for both user and business. It’s better to create less work for your customer, by providing an instant solution – and this is where chatbots come in. Providing a 24-7 service, chatbots offer the instant response that consumers have come to expect.


Quick Responses

Once set up, chatbots can respond to customers immediately, ensuring no unnecessary delays. They are always available, there’s no queues, and they are cost effective too. This results in a positive experience contributing to customer retention and satisfaction.


Customer Demand

According to statistics by Global Web Index, 75% of internet users are adopting one or more messenger. Customers expect instant responses if they are to invest in your product, and are familiar with using this type of tool to receive responses.

Cost Effective

As mentioned, chatbots can offer a cost effective solution and require little or no maintenance. Compare this to the training, briefings and updates, as well as ongoing costs for phone line help, and you’ll see how chatbots can be a savvy solution for your business.

Chatbots bring a number of benefits to your business. From keeping down costs, to keeping up satisfaction levels for customers! They are also simple to install, and worth considering when you buy a domain and set your website up, so you have great customer service from the get-go!


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