What Businesses Can Learn From The World Cup

It’s often said that football is more than just a game of two halves, and if the recent FIFA World Cup is anything to go by, it might just be true. This time around we learnt how to chant ‘Allez Les Bleus’, we observed the right way to wear a waistcoat, and we discovered that embracing technology is the future…

So, what can we take then from this great event, and apply to the workplace?

Technology aids Progress

It was the first time that video assistant refereeing (VAR) was introduced. On the pitch, the referee could play back footage to review, as well as ask a team of referees watching screens from a separate location. While some pundits argued that it slowed down the game and didn’t always provide clarity, others believe that it brought football in to the 21st century, enabling referees to make the right decision.

In business terms, this taught us that progress keeps us relevant and up to date. Specifically, in the world of technology, this means that emerging trends like domain names in Ireland and shared hosting are to be embraced as the future of domains. It also showed us that technology doesn’t always replace humans, and there’s a place for both to co-exist and work together.

Innovation IS the Goal

Football is a sport that’s not afraid to innovate. From VAR to constantly evolving kit (which this year included socks with holes in!), the beautiful game wasn’t afraid to step it up a level. In business, we can adopt a similar approach. Looking for new ways to conqueror feats, and more efficient ways of doing business, and most important of all – not being afraid to embrace new technologies.

Persistence Pays

Life came full circle when the England team, at the helm of Gareth Southgate, won their first ever penalty shoot-out. As the Guardian said: “Southgate turned the trauma of his own experience in 1996 into a vindication of five months’ work preparing for the prospect of a shootout.” Southgate’s cool composure and sophisticated style, while overcoming personal feats, made him one of the big talking points of the event. His inspiring leadership teaches us to learn from our failures, as well as success.

Holograms Rule!

Technology brought us together more than ever before during this World Cup, with one stunt in particular. Belgium broadcaster RTBF were able to interview footballer Eden Hazard ‘live in the studio’. Except Hazard was sitting in a room in Russia using augmented reality to beam him in. Offering a glimpse in to the future, perhaps it won’t be long until we’re having hologram meetings in the workplace as well. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘It’s Coming Home’, well at least something is!

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